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Are you going abroad to open your new branch? Or maybe are you travelling to attend your studies? Or, still, do you have to translate your correspondence? For all of that and even more there is Absolute Interpreting and Translations that can offer you a wide range of services!

We can meet your expectations offering services for over 315 languages and thanks to the collaboration of the best worldwide interpreters and translators, likewise mediators.

But… What kind of services?

Can I translate my website?

Yes, You can!

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations you can decide to translate your software, your app, your website and your blog. We recruit the most renowned mediators: experience, qualifications and reliability are our watchwords.

Nowadays the competition on the web is growing up very rapidly and it needs to impress the consumers of the service; that is one of the raisons why the digital translations are always more requested and they have to satisfy a growing number of requirements.

In fact to translate an Internet site or a digital content the translator’s role changes and it takes an upper-grade position: he/she will have to be a mediator as well!

Why is the mediator such important for the web market?

A mediator is much more than a translator: he is not satisfied just with a punctilious translation, a mediator wants to mediate, to transfer the message from the source to the target culture and not just from the source to the target language.

The final aim is: to impress!

Our mediators exhibit a striking background and have gained experience in those specialised sectors.

Don’t forget: you have more than 250 languages at your disposal for your target translations!

The media content translations

Another of the fields that Absolute Interpreting and Translations is specialised in is the media content translation.

Media and multimedia contents are influencing our lifestyle and our mind increasingly.

In this case the strategy is the most important landmark because the hidden semiotic signs are many and unconsciously they change our point of view and our perception of the environment that surround us.

The password is: communicate to people!

Interpreting and Translations

The communication’s aim must join the spectator or the auditor through the interaction, so the attention to the details is also fundamental because it has to look like intended for the target culture.

Even in this case, a good translator has to persuade those whom the message is addressed to using his mediation skills.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations undoubtedly suits you!


You can pin your trust in Absolute Interpreting and Translations.

Why? That’s easy: we recruit only qualified, experienced and professional translators and interpreters and moreover Absolute Interpreting and Translations is an accredited company recognised ISO17100:2015 and ISO9001-2008.

As a matter of fact our translators sign the Confidentiality Agreement not to divulge personal details and data, the reliability is the load-bearing column of our company principles and subsequently the privacy is totally safe with us.

The added value? Well, the high quality! An infallible proof of Absolute Interpreting and Translations’ professionality is the high-quality standard of the work. The excellent services offered by our company catch the attention of the national overview.

Our results hit the nail on the head, providing translations that exhibit tone and style focused to the target context.


What else? Absolute Interpreting And Translations wants to guarantee that communication is allowed even between people speaking two different languages and come from two different cultural contexts, that’s why we hire multicultural interpreters who are at your disposal in any case of need: medical, legal, business and marketing interpreting.

Many communicative situations can be transferred thanks to the several languages spoken by our interpreters and their specialisation fields: we provide face to face interpreting, conference interpreting, telephone interpreting and much else.

Ask for a free quote, Absolute Interpreting and Translations guarantee the maximum of the professionality and the quality as accredited and reliable company.



Topic: Why should a client choose us?

Written by:

Elisa De Cagna


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Translation Industry: 3 Surprising Facts

Here we are: we need to translate document, we look for a translation agency, we can immediately find Absolute Interpreting and Translation Ltd group (AIT Group) and the job is done!

But what is there behind such simple process?

Behind, there are many tips and tricks… and problems as well.




You know a foreign language, and then you are a translator: WRONG.

It’s time to dispel this myth.

  • Translation means imparting intentions, meanings, ideas, implicit messages, paying attention to the shades of the sentences, and considering the care and the elegance of the target language.
  • Translation takes you into a new perspective: you become a poet, a lawyer, a linguist, sometimes even a psychologist or a writer.

Do you know what fake friends are?

Well, to be a translator you must know those dodgy fellows. They deceive you, they let you think that the meaning is obvious and fair, but the truth is that what you immediately believe is a trick. The real meaning is hidden.

To maintain its high standards of translation and to ensure accuracy of its certified translation services, Absolute recruits only experienced translators and not just people with grammatical and vocabulary knowledge of a foreign language. That’s not enough!

The translator is a multicultural character and he/she has a big responsibility toward the client and the Company.

One of the other  worst obstacles is the wordplays and we must admit that some languages (like English) use wordplays… (Excessively maybe?)

How can you translate something that is hilarious for you and for your culture and obtain the same effect?

Sometimes a translation may not be considered as correct by the requester of the service as he/she may speak both the languages, but did you know that translation is subjective?  One could be a perfect multilingual but not necessary a good translator.

So, do you still think that translation is really so easy?


Did you know?

  • A translated text is a very colorful text and the translator should transfer all of those colors into another language.

But what is the best way to do it?

I am sure that you have read a book or you have watched a movie and it was not in its original language, but maybe you needed to meditate on it before realising: ‹‹That is not the masterpiece original language!››

And I must underline and repeat again: “You need to meditate on it”!

Why do I consider that expression so important?

The best translator is a ghost, he/she is invisible.
The translator should have a talented mind that formulates impeccably what the original writer wanted to express.

When you read a translated book, are you reading what the author wrote or what the translator’s eclectic mind has elaborated? Even the best translation, after an accurate analysis, can show the translator’s character.

The truth of the matter is that the translator will leave in somehow his traces and many times a book can gain a lot of readers thanks to the translator’s job.


An overlooked aspect of the translation is the Transcreation (Check here for more

Think: what would you tell me if I ask you what the translation is?

(Less if you are a translator) You would tell me: it’s the process of translating from a language into another one.

And what about the Transcreation? Do you know what it is?

What does it differ from the translation?

The difference is extremely relevant because the Transcreation is aimed to catch the consumers’ attention, it’s important in terms of marketing because a good “re-created translation” will allow the company to gain more attention.

Technical translations require a good knowledge of specialised terms but the Transcreation is another story: it is a marketing translation and it has nothing to do with the rest of the translations.

The address cultural shades influence the success of the product.

The keyword? The context!

Be amazing!

Written by:

Elisa De Cagna

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Translation Internship in Birmingham, UK

My experience at Absolute Interpregting and Translations Ltd


My name is Patricia and I come from Spain. I have been a translator intern at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd for 3 months and today is my last day as an intern in here.

I still do not believe that the time had gone by that fast, it basically flew. I do remember the first day I stepped into this Company three months ago now. I felt so nervous and extremely happy at the same time. I knew that it was going to be an experience that I would definitely always remember.

Back in Spain, I have completed a Degree in Translation and Interpreting and also a Master in Translation and Interpreting in Public Services so you could understand my enthusiasm on working in a company that provides Translation and Interpreting services. At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, I have had the opportunity of translating different kind of documents as well as interpreting at Hospitals, Mental Health Centres, etc. I have also learnt how to be a project translation manager and deal with both translators and interpreters over the phone.

I could spend the whole day here telling you guys about my experience at Absolute  Interpreting and Translations Ltd but I am going to sum up. The most important thing that you all should know is that this is an experience that I definitely recommend you to have.

After this experience I can say that I am experienced enough to work in any Translation and Interpreting Company. An important thing that you need to know is that you will also need to work hard and sometimes under pressure which it is a good thing since it will help you to develop your skills.

If you are able to deal with situations where you need to be completely focused and putting a lot of effort, you will be able to handle every kind of situation.

To conclude my speech, I will like to thank Emal and Sohaela to have given me the opportunity to work with them and grow as a person. I will also never forget my colleagues who I have worked with and shared very good moments.

I hope to see you soon!

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Interpreting Role Play of an Unprofessional Interpreter

Interpreting Role Play of an Unprofessional Interpreter

As one of the leading Translation Companies in London and a Birmingham Translation Services with offices in Manchester and Essex, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd are pleased to bring to you one more interesting Interpreting Role Play between an unprofessional interpreter (acting interpreter) and untrained doctor who does not know how to work with interpreters.

Interpreting  Training Course

We hope you will enjoy, rate and share this Interpreting Role Play which is aimed at highlighting some common issues faced by doctor surgeries an trained and unqualified interpreters which in other words are not interpreters but bilinguals.

While enjoying The London Translation Company title by many of our clients who have reviewed our services, we continue to provide world class certified translation services and face to face interpreting services to our national and international clients worldwide. In this video you will also notice that unless there is a clear understanding and agreement on the ground rules between an interpreter and a service user (not end user) such errors and mistakes are expected which sometimes could be catastrophic to an assessment.

Training on How to Work With Interpreters effectively?

Contact us now for a free consultation. For more information visit

Official Translation Services certified by two internationally recognised ISOs i.e. ISO9001:2008 and ISO17100:2015

Certified Translations Birmingham

Certified Translations Birmingham

If you are looking for approved and official translation services or approved NHS Approved Interpreting and Translation Company, then we are the Translation Company you are looking for.
Unlike some companies, our Birmingham Translation Agency branch and London translation services both provide accredited and high quality same day translation services and most importantly as a trusted translation company we ONLY use native professional HUMAN translators.

All translations are carried out by professional human translators and WE DO NOT use any types of machine translations.

For more information visit our guide to how we provide a certified translation
If you need a certified translation service in the UK then visit
For professional translation and interpreting services please visit our website at or call us on +44 208 090 2869 or +44 121 270 6801

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Absolute Wins Health Trust Europe NHS Framework Agreement


Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is proud to announce it has been awarded the HealthTrust Europe NHS Framework Agreement. It has been chosen as a translation and interpreting services provider for local authorities and public sector organisations at a national level. This achievement has come following a rigorous scrutiny by the dedicated body.

NHS Interpreting Services

NHS Interpreting Services

Waited on hand and foot

Absolute is listed in the top 4 of a directory of sixteen interpreting and translation companies that were selected as providers. This is proof of the high quality of Absolute’s services:

  • Face-to-face interpreting
  • Telephone interpreting
  • BSL interpreting
  • Translation

All of these are offered by experienced professionals who have undergone a rigorous selection process.

Our main goal as a Company is to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements by setting the highest possible standards. We are proud that our efforts in this regard have once more been rewarded.

Translation Services according to Three ISO Standards


This recent Framework Agreement joins three other accreditations we have achieved: the ISO27001, ISO9001:2008 and the ISO17100:2015. This last one is a certificate of registration specifically designed for translation companies; Absolute was the first company in the Midlands to receive it.

All public sector organisations can benefit from this Framework Agreement in that it is time-saving and cost-effective. It means not having to go through a lengthy tender exercise and, on top of that, it guarantees the best value for money. For us as a Company, it means we can keep proving our professionalism and reliability to an increasing number of clients and earn their trust.

As of May 2016, whether you are an NHS Trust centre or a local authority that is included in the Framework Agreement, you can turn to us to satisfy your communication needs. Not only will you save time and money, but you will also be certain that what you find is certified credentials and qualified professionals ready to cater to your needs.

Fore more information please contact us through the Contact Us Page or call us on 0121 270 6801 – option 1

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Last Minute Translation Services

Last Minute Translation Services
260 Pages of Legal Documents Translated in 12 Hours

Last Minute Translation Services UK

Last Minute Translation Services UK

One late evening in December 2015, Absolute receives an urgent call from an International London based law firm who was looking for a last minute translation service. The Law firm  had received some 260 pages of legal and technical documents from one of their international clients which required urgent translation from French into English within 12 hours of their phone call. Yes, that is correct.

What Next?

Well, it was obvious that this law firm needed a fast and reliable translation service  an extremely short notice and during unsocial hours. Well, as a 24/7 translation company we were not new to such last minute requests.

Without a delay, Absolute Interpreting and Translations’ experienced and professional Project Managers used their exceptional skills and teamed up its top 10 professional and qualified French to English translators to work side by side through the night to meet this exceptionally tight deadline and yet provide a flawless translation service.

Did it happen?

Tender Translation Services

Tender Translation Services UK

The following day, at exactly midday, Absolute delivered translated and proofread copies of the translations to the client and this is what they had to say “ Thank you very much for these, it is much appreciated and we are very impressed” J Kohn, A & O”

Are you looking for a 24/7 translation services in the UK? Look no more, contact us now for an urgent and same day translation service quote.

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3 Ways To Spot a Good Interpreter

3 Ways To Spot a Good Interpreter

The 3 main things you want to make sure you want in a quality interpreter are the following:

1. Humility: there is nothing worse than a wannabe interpreter who is too overconfident

2. Willingness to learn an improve: an interpreter is in constant training

3. Professional attitude: in all respects, from the dress code to the way he /she interacts with involved parties.

Although these points might seem vague at first sight, all the minor little things you also need to think about are already intertwined into these three elements.

A UK Translation Company That Puts Efforts in The Ongoing Training Of Its Interpreters

Monitoring our interpreters is a priority. In the last 2 months Absolute received 128 new interpreters to join Absolute and only 96 made it through Absolute’s rigorous assessments and training.

NHS & Public Service Approved Interpreters
Absolute is one of the only few companies in the UK that provides ongoing CPSI and CPD training courses to its interpreters. This time the courses were focused on interpreting in/for:

√ Mental Health Services
√ Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults
√ Courts and other Legal Settings
√ Social Services and for Asylum Applications and many more
√ Corporate and Business Interpreting

As an approved NHS and Public Service Interpreting and Translation Company Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd holds various interpreting training courses for its interpreters UK wide.

The keys to success: quality, perseverance and determination

ISO Certified Translation Company

ISO Certified Translation Company

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is proud to have been accredited by the IS017100:2015, a new certificate of registration specifically designed for Translation Companies. This international certification acknowledges the quality of the management of translation and interpreting services. Specific criteria had to be fulfilled in order to get the special prize. All services provided need to meet clients’ expectations: the target plays then a crucial role. The assignment process has to be dealt with in a timely manner, bearing in mind that sometimes the deadlines can be really strict like the Case Study below.
The company puts quality above anything else and provides only “human” translations as well as a fast and accurate service.



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Translation Company in London, Getting ISO17100:2015 accreditation status

Translation Company in London, Getting ISO17100:2015 accreditation status

ISO certificates can by all means enhance the visibility of a company. Precise requirements need to be fulfilled in order to obtain one of these prestigious international accreditation and acknowledgements. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd, a leader among the Translation Companies in London, works hard to get its qualifications. After the ISO 9001:2008, which certifies the quality of its Management system, the company has been awarded with a very special prize.

New qualifications for an excellent service

A brand new Certificate of Registration, the ISO 17100:2015, which was recently introduced, this time specifically designed for translation companies is an indication of increasing quality and not the price. It certifies that the translation services management systems of a given enterprise have been assessed and approved by IQS UK Standards Audits Division. This International Standard “specifies requirements for all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services. It includes provisions for translation service providers (TSPs) concerning the management of core processes, minimum qualification requirements, the availability and management of resources, and other actions necessary for the delivery of a quality translation service.”

Translation Company in London, Getting ISO17100:2015 accreditation status

Translation Company in London, Getting ISO17100:2015 accreditation status

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is the first Translation Company in London and in the whole of UK which is certified and acknowledged by IQS UK Standards Audits Division and Absolute are proud of this title.

What makes this company so successful and appreciated by its clients?

The main reason lies in the vast network of collaborators in the UK and worldwide. Very few translation companies in our country can provide such professional translation and interpreting services in more than 275 languages.

Strict prerequisites

To be granted the ISO 17100:2015, there are many criteria to be taken into consideration. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is the very first in the UK to meet every requirement of ISO 1700:2015 assessed and accredited by IQS UK .

Targeting the reader

First of all, the translation needs to extensively fulfill the client’s expectations, so the target of the service plays a crucial role. The project managers have to look for the perfect translators (do they have any experience in the field? Have they already produced something for that client?). To do so, they have to be aware of the final target of the translation.

The faster the better

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is a leader among the other translation companies in London and Birmingham. The extremely fast service provided by the company is the first feature catching the eye when looking at the clients’ feedback. The quotes are given immediately after the request, and the source text will be instantly assigned to the most appropriate translator. Sometimes the translation project manager even underestimates the efficiency of the translator: the deadlines are therefore not only met, but even anticipated. This is what makes the difference.

No confusion allowed

Accuracy is the other key of success. Every single project is taken over in the most professional way, with fully trained project managers, expert translators and proofreaders always providing the best service. Project managers ask for specific instructions from the clients (i.e. when a client asks for a Chinese translation, do they mean Mandarin, Cantonese…? Do they want verbatim translations?). Translators and proofreaders must be able to ask clarification to the agency regarding any part of their translation. All details are important in order to avoid serious misunderstandings or slight changes in the new text.

Keeping it confidential to be professional

Confidentiality is a very central aspect. Needless to say, it lies in the ethics of every translator, project manager and proofreader to be discreet about their job. Nevertheless, every collaborator of Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect the clients and ensure their total privacy and each and every translator employed by the Company are assessed and individually cherry picked to ensure the Company’s strict guidelines on confidentiality, quality and accuracy are met at all times.

Playing nice

Kindness could be seen as a futile factor when talking of business. However, this is what distinguishes the company. All employees always pay close attention to the needs of the client in the most respectful way, be it over the phone, by email or in person. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd wishes by that to maintain its clientele and build up a network of trustworthy translators.

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd also asks its clients for an honest review or feedback to make sure they were satisfied with the job done. The company cares about the client’s feelings and will always take into account what the client has to say about the collaboration with the agency.

Certified Translations. Always.

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd can always guarantee certified translations for every need, from birth certificates to medical reports. The stamp at the bottom of each page is proof of a scrupulous work made by the translator. It gives the translation an effective power, allowing it to be valuable for every kind of public institution.

Certified Translations Birmingham

Certified Translation Services

Why choose Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd?

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd meets every requirement of ISO 17100:2015. It is the first Birmingham translation agency to be awarded this prestigious certificate and there is no secret as to why: Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd takes care of its clients and of its employees, puts quality above anything else and provides only “human” translations as well as a fast and accurate service.

These successful qualities make it rather easy for the ISO commission to grant Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd the new Certificate 17100:2015. The agency is extremely proud to be the first British Translation Company to be accredited by IQS UK and to get this certificate of excellence and is working hard to offer the best translation service as always.

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Translation Internship Programs UK

Translation Internship Programs UK

Virginia Piergentili

Translation Internship Programs UK

A successful Translation Internship Program Graduate, Virginia Piergentili

I joined Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd for my internship in March 2015. It was my very first working experience abroad, so I was obviously worried about my English skills and afraid of not being good enough to carry out the tasks I would have been given.

” It is not difficult to look for Translation Internship Programs UK”

I was wrong: thanks to this experience, I found out I am perfectly able to work in an international environment such as the Absolute Interpreting and Translations office in Birmingham, and that I had nothing to worry about. In fact, working at this company has helped me develop my spoken skills and so my self-confidence, has broadened my horizons because of all the new things I learned from people coming from different backgrounds and was a good opportunity to get in touch with the world of work.

Indeed, studying and translating in a lecture hall is completely different from actively using the skills acquired at the university to carry out a job. I’m now aware of this and that’s why I want to thank the staff. More specifically, I want to thank Cordelia, who has taught me what I needed to learn and was a good friend; Sohaela, who has always been kind and patient enough to repeat things twice; the Managing Director Emal Haidari, who has explained me how things work in this field, has encouraged me when I thought I could not carry out a task and more generally has given me the opportunity to work at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd.

Last but not least, I’d love to thank the other interns for being such good colleagues, without whom this experience abroad would have not been as fantastic as it actually was.

Are you looking for Translation Internship Programs UK? Then grab the opportunity and join the well known and reputable translation Company (Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd) and enrich your translation and interpreting studies and learn the techniques and acquire the knowledge and experience that you would never learn when studying at the university as theory and practicality are two different fields!

Here is a link to many other interns who have successfully completed their translation internships in the UK at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd.

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Translation Internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations – Caroline’s experience

Translation Internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations

Translation Internship in the UK

The translation internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations was first of all a splendid adventure. Meeting new people from different cultures, getting to know their customs not only enriched my knowledge but also made me more sensitive to other cultures.

What to gain from translation internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations?

  • Working in a multicultural team was a wonderful experience; everyday I had the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the culture of other interns and my colleagues but also about their language.
  • It was also a great challenge to work with people of different nationalities as everyone has its own culture-bound habits. In view of this, I learned how to be more tolerant, how to better understand other people. Also, thanks to this I became a more humble human.
  • During my internship I had an exceptional opportunity to work as a community service interpreter. It was a great pleasure to work with native speakers of English language while interpreting for Poles who live in England. This experience made me also realize that in this profession it is the human being that is most important and that enabling the communication between two or more people from different cultures is an interesting and enriching process. This made me also more sensible to lots of issues; I learned how to be more patient and open to peoples’ needs and problems.
  • During my short but intense internship I learned how the interpreting and translation market works, how to deal with clients, how to be persuasive and how to help people.
  • Moreover, thanks to the fact that I was working in a foreign country, with people from all over the Europe and even for all over World I became more confident in English language and improved language skills. Owning to the fact that I had various tasks to do at Absolute, the internship was interesting and required from me different skills such as language skills, multitasking, creativity, and other personal skills.
  • In view of this, I could learn how work under the pressure of time and sometimes stress. Yet, the atmosphere at the office was very friendly thanks to people and their attitude to work and to other people.

In conclusion, the translation internship at Absolute Interpreting and Translations was a valuable experience thanks to which I improved my language and personal skills. I meet wonderful people from different cultures and I hope the friendship that started in Birmingham will be long-lasting.

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