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Why is Absolute becoming the preferred provider of translation and interpreting services for the NHS

August 31, 2021by Ragda Hasan

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd we are always working hard to improve our services and we strive to deliver the highest standard of quality to all of our clients. We are proud to say that we are one of the leading providers of interpreting and translation services for the NHS, and we think we know 5 of the reasons why.

Absolute are currently an approved provider on the following prestigious national frameworks:

1- Speed and Efficiency

We believe that speed and efficiency are key to providing reliable and efficient interpreting and translation services for the NHS. This is why we have developed an in-house online portal for both clients and interpreters to provide continuous language services for the NHS. It is crucial that we are able to take bookings as soon as possible and with the online portal service, we have been able to ensure this is possible at all times. We designed our portal specifically for efficiency, as we realised that the people making the interpreting and translation bookings within the NHS are very busy and want to avoid wasting time unnecessarily.

However, we also understand that each booking may have intricacies that are individual to that booking. That is the reason why we have made sure to meet the specific requirements of each booking on the portal. Taking notice of any additional details well in advance allows for a hassle-free and reliable service.

2- Reliable

We also think reliability is of the utmost importance, especially with medical interpreting and translating services for the NHS. We understand that each and every booking is important to somebody; therefore, each and every booking is important to Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd too. Our online portal helps to keep everything on track and in order, ensuring that we miss nothing and that each booking is complete.

However, the online portal is not the only measure that we have taken to improve upon our reliability. We have also developed in-house software for all bookings ever taken. This allows us to provide specific information for each booking individually which might not be possible with alternate suppliers. This is especially useful for repeat bookings, as we are able to copy any data over, leaving no room for human error by using translation technology. Every staff member has access to this secure system at varying security levels to ensure confidentiality. This enables our separate teams to work together, allowing us to easily pick up on any occasional mistakes made. Reliability is something Absolute takes extremely seriously and we have taken additional measures to minimise this risk.

3- Vetted and Secure Interpreters and Translators

The vetting process for each interpreter is extensive and detailed which gives us a distinct advantage over alternate suppliers. Therefore, our interpreters are simply more prepared for what may happen on any bookings. We work with the NHS to provide language services to some of the most vulnerable groups including children and the elderly. We quickly realised that interpreters need to know how to deal with difficult situations if they arise.  All of our linguists are fully qualified and we are accredited by The Association for Translation Companies. We expect all of our interpreters to uphold the high professional standards required to represent Absolute.

4- Confidentiality

As we sometimes deal with extremely sensitive cases, we understand the value of confidentiality and privacy. As mentioned previously, we give each of our staff members separate accounts to access the database which houses the records of previous bookings. This is to ensure the confidentiality of the private details and to prevent ay unnecessary sharing among employees. We proudly say we have and will continue to conform to any confidentiality and privacy policies our clients may have.

5- Flexibility

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations, the process of booking, quoting, and delivering has never been more seamless. We do our best to achieve a hassle-free work routine for our translators and interpreters as well as our clients. Thousands of the linguists we work with are happy with our booking system. It makes it easier to manage their work volume and enabled them to choose their working hours more freely.

We are positive that all of the above factors are what made this success possible. Absolute is now the NHS’s preferred interpreting and translation services provider across most of its frameworks. However, these are not the only reasons. There are many other reasons why Absolute has been awarded this honour from 99.9% client satisfaction, to being awarded the Innovation Excellence Award 2020 for being the NHS’s Interpreting and Translation Management System of the Year. We are proud to be accommodating the NHS for any interpreting services they may need. Each one of our achievements reflects the hard work of staff from Management and the whole team.

Ragda Hasan

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