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Absolute Continues Service Delivery of Social Value Across the West Midlands

March 26, 2021by admin

Officially recognised Social Value Pioneer Absolute accredited for their outstanding services In January 2021, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd became the first translation company in the United Kingdom to receive the esteemed Cheshire and Merseyside Social Value Award. This award recognises Absolute as a Social Value Pioneer and shows how they are creating local opportunities for social innovation.

Emal Haidari, Managing Director at Absolute, said: We aim to deliver Social Values to all our clients across the UK – be they NHS Trusts, Patients, GPs, Local Authorities, solicitors or anyone else. We believe that for every pound spent on our services, we should channel an equal amount back into local communities. Our clients nationwide can rest
assured that we will continue our reliable service delivery, while we develop further solutions to improve the creation and delivery
of social value even more.

Going the extra mile – Creating Social Value in Wolverhampton and the Black Country

Taking a collaborative approach, Absolute has heavily invested in creating Social Values for their clients in Wolverhampton
and all across the Black Country. This ensures that the delivery of Absolute’s language services secures their clients
benefits that go the extra mile.

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Absolute was able to continue its recruitment, assessment, and checks of interpreters across the Black Country. In 2020, a significant number of local interpreters have been recruited, allowing them to earn well above National Minimum Wage.

A great success! The delivery of interpreting services is not limited to face-to-face sessions though. To keep their
clients and interpreters safe, Absolute has made a great effort to expand on its remote interpreting services via telephone
and video. Tens of thousands of Telephone and Video Interpreting sessions in the Black Country and West Midlands were received remotely in 2020.

Continual cost-savings for all

Through their innovative solutions, Absolute has been able to save their Wolverhampton and Black Country clients £75,000.00 in the past 12 months. These continual cost savings
allow their clients to focus these resources on delivering frontline care and developing innovations for their clients.

Ready to build a long-standing working relationship that will help you deliver extraordinary services, guarantee continual cost-savings and a high rate of end-user satisfaction? Contact Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd today for a free of charge advice and social value service delivery.

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