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Absolute Interpreting and Translations Supports Women’s Aid

August 17, 2022by Samantha Perren

Our support to Women's Aid

Absolute Interpreting and Translations has recently made a four-figure sum donation to launch a corporate partnership with Women’s Aid and support their vital work. This is part of our commitment to tangibly supporting the communities in which we provide language services.

Women’s Aid are planning to put this donation towards their accessibility planning, to ensure Women’s Aid events and webinars are always accessible to disabled women.

Who are Women's Aid?

Women’s Aid is a charity that supports victims of domestic violence. They describe themselves as ‘a grassroots federation working together to provide life-saving services in England and build a future where domestic abuse is not tolerated.’ Their approach Change That Lasts ‘places the survivor at the heart and builds responses around her needs and the strengths and resources available to her’, in order to ‘provide help earlier and make sure its effects actually last’.

A key element of Women’s Aid’s survivor-led support is recognizing that ‘abuse and lack of access to support is compounded by racism, homophobia and disability‘. As a result, Women’s Aid advocates for ‘dedicated spaces for BME women, LBT women and disabled women, who we know have different experiences of domestic abuse‘.

Women’s Aid also works in campaigning and influencing, providing training to professionals who could help domestic abuse victims, and increasing public awareness.

Our Collaboration with Women's Aid

Joint Training Sessions

We are inviting representatives of Women’s Aid to join our Safeguarding training to give interpreters a short talk about domestic abuse at the start of the session.

Absolute also plans to provide Women’s Aid staff with free training, such as sessions on ‘how to work with an interpreter’ and ‘the importance of working with an interpreter rather than a family member/friend’.

Discount on our Language Services

We usually offer a 15% discount to charities, which we are increasing to 25% for Women’s Aid. This can be used for any language service, including the project currently being planned to do translations of the Survivor’s Handbook produced by Women’s Aid.

Other Examples of Social Value Commitment

Our commitment to support Women’s Aid is part of our ongoing commitment to providing social value to the communities we serve, which we also do while providing our language services by:

  • Maximising recruitment in the local area
  • Providing free training and skills to local interpreters and communities
  • Ensuring continual cost savings to local clients
  • Supporting the community’s economic recovery from the pandemic
  • Building closer ties and work with local organisations, charities, and voluntary organisations to create further local social values

Evidence of our social value commitment includes:

Social Value Award

In January 2021, Absolute Interpreting and Translations became the first translation company in the UK to receive the esteemed Cheshire and Merseyside Social Value Award, highlighting our role as a social value pioneer.

Apprenticeship Programmes

In 2009, we introduced our Apprenticeship and Internship Programme to help the Government’s initiative to provide employment opportunities to young people and to support prospective translation and interpreting apprentices to climb the ladder into the professional translation and interpreting industry.

One of our core values is opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our Apprenticeship programme is our honest contribution to endorsing local employment by providing training opportunities to enthusiastic and eager apprentices in local communities. We believe that this creates a positive impact on society as our programme helps to reduce unemployment rates amongst those looking to start a career. In addition, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is the perfect environment to give young people the opportunity to excel in their aims by showcasing their talent and innovation in a busy office environment.

Creating Innovative Technologies to Support Clients

We won the NHS Innovation & Excellence Award in 2020 for our state-of-the-art management system NHS ITMS™. This system encompasses invaluable and unique features and tools designed to support the NHS and Local Authorities deliver their first-line services while making ongoing cost-savings.

Disability Confident Committed Employer

On 11th May 2020, we were certified as a Disability Confident Committed Employer. This recognition not only reflects our diversity, but it also signifies how we are actively part of the movement that encourages employers and businesses to improve their recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities.

About us: an industry-leading service

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is an industry leader in interpreting and translation with over 20 years of experience. We deliver high-quality service to a wide range of clients across the UK, including NHS, Local Authorities, Central Government and many more.

By employing more than 21,000 linguists, we can meet each and every language need locally. Through our innovative management system and dedicated staff, we constantly maintain world-class standards, meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations every time.

Samantha Perren

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