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Absolute Becomes The First Translation Company in The UK To Receive Social Value Award -

December 29, 2020by Annie W

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is proud to announce that they have been among the first organisations to be awarded the Social Value Award by Merseyside and Cheshire Social Value Business.

What does the Social Value Award mean to clients and to Absolute?

Being awarded the Social Value Award, Absolute has received an official accreditation of their efforts in generating Social Value in the Cheshire and Merseyside area. It highlights that Absolute is a Social Value Pioneer and shows their responsibility to create and spread Social Value for all of their clients. Absolute believes that for each pound spent on their services, the value of that pound should be channelled back into the community by maximizing the benefit that the community gains from Absolute’s services. The Award is a quality mark for organisations that strive to make a difference. Their clients can put their full faith into Absolute’s efforts to do just that.

Thank you to all Absolute staff and all clients who have made this possible! Absolute is looking forward to continuing to make difference – together.

How Absolute generates Social Value across the UK

Absolute generates Social Value across the UK by providing bespoke Interpretation and Translation Services to their clients. Some of their trusted and loyal clients are various NHS Trusts across the country, Local Authorities and even the BBC! The following is not an exhaustive list, but aims to show how Absolute creates Social Values for all of their clients.


✓ Is committed to developing and delivering bespoke innovative solutions, tailored to their clients’ needs

✓ Provides free training and skills to local interpreters and communities

✓ Employs environmentally friendly e-working practices

✓ Promotes Equality and Diversity

✓ Ensures continual cost savings


Who is Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is one of the industry leaders in the Translation Industry. With over 15 years of experience, they deliver high quality Interpreting and Translation Services to a wide range of clients. Absolute is a proud Language Service provider to clients like various NHS Trusts, BBC, Local Authorities and many more. By employing more than 21,000 linguists worldwide, they can meet each and every language need their clients may have. Through their innovative management system and dedicated staff, they are able to maintain world class standards, meeting and exceeding their clients expectations every time. Contact Absolute Interpreting and Translations today for a free, no obligations quote of their services and see for yourself!

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