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Qualified Armenian Interpreters in Manchester

Qualified Armenian Interpreters in Manchester

Absolute Interpreting and Translations provides professional and vetted Armenian interpreting service in Manchester and across the UK.

Quality Assured: Our interpreters are cherry picked and rigorously tested and trained to ensure our clients receive the highest quality and professional services. Our interpreters can convert texts and conversations accurately and in any culturally sensitive manner and concept; they enable cross-cultural communication and they deal with all scenarios and they can manage stressful situations and problems.

We provide Armenian interpreters to Councils, the NHS, Solicitors, Asylum Support Teams, Refugee Centers and to many other organisations across the UK and Europes.

Approved Armenian Interpreters available for the following Scenarios:

To ensure the highest level of quality, our interpreters undergo rigorous tests and vetting procedures

  • Court interpretation
  • National health interpreting service
  • Social services
  •  Mediation
  •  Tourism sector
  •  Commercial and business meetings
  •  Telephone interpreting
  •  Face to face interpreting

Brief information about Armenian language

The Armenian language belongs to the group of the Indo-European language family and has many common points with the Slavic, Indo-Iranian and Baltic languages. In the past it was influenced by Latin and ancient Greek; by Persian (because of the Persian rule), French (during the crusades), Turkish (because of the ottoman rule) and by the Indo-Euro Latin languages.

It is the official language of the Republic of Armenia and is heavily spoken in the Armenian Diaspora communities (in India, ex USSR Republics, USA, UK, Italy, France, Lebanon and many other countries).

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