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Absolute Interpreting and Translation’s Awards and Accreditations:

July 8, 2021by Ragda Hasan

Absolute Interpreting and Translations has obtained many Awards and Accreditations over the past fifteen years that we have operated. We have been able to obtain these through dedication to provide all of our clients with the best possible service. We have obtained different types of Awards and Accreditations including testimonies, ISO accreditations accredited Memberships and others. You can find all of these documented in our blog. However, just to give clients some reassurance about our excellence we have complied some of the most notable ones below:

Absolute Interpreting and Translation’s ISO Accreditations:

One of the many institutions that have given Absolute Awards and Accreditations is the ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The ISO is an international regulatory body that sets international standards for businesses and institutions intending to operate across borders. It is largely recognised as the qualifier for the world stage in almost all professional sectors. At Absolutes Interpreting and Translations we are proud of our accreditation by the ISO on Three grounds as follows:

ISO17100 is an accreditation that certifies quality management systems for translations. This means that buyers purchasing translation services from accredited firms can rest assured that the service they purchase will meet international standard in terms of quality.

which sets the standard for quality management systems in general. This means that clients who receive service from us will be assured of the quality of any language service. To achieve this certification we had to prove that we are consistently excellent in everything we do and that we have procedures in place to prevent clients from ever slipping through the cracks.

ISO27001 AccreditationISO 27001 Which assures we have taken sufficient precaution in terms of our cybersecurity frameworks. This ensures that the data, including sensitive legal documents sent in for certified translation and employee registration, are handled carefully through secure channels. This means both our clients and employees can take comfort in the knowledge that their data is kept safe and secure.


Absolute Interpreting and Translation’s Professional Registration & Accredited Memberships:

One of the less obvious types of awards and accreditations that an institution can receive is professional registration. It is not always easy to obtain Professional memberships in particular, this is why they are a form of accreditation. This is certainly true for language service providers, which have various prestigious professional associations dedicated to ensuring that the language service providers provide their services to the highest standard. These associations function as a filter by only accrediting the best providers. Absolute Interpreting and Translations takes pride in being a member of such associations, thereby maintaining the reputation of the language service industry as an industry of quality.

Associations that Absolute Interpreting and Translations is a member of include:

The ATC (Association of Translation Companies): Absolute Interpreting and Translations is a registered and accredited member of the ATC. The ATC is a UK based professional association founded with the ambition of ensuring the quality of language services in the UK stays high. They accomplished this by setting strict membership perquisites on the standards at which language services are provided, including certain ISO accreditations. They also require proof that the members are abiding by their quality standards through requesting audits at set intervals and offer a complaint procedure for aggrieved customers, deterring bad-practice.

By extension of being a member of the ATC, Absolute Interpreting and Translations is also a member of the EU ATC which is the union of language service providers in Europe, in which the UK is represented through the ATC.

Data Protection Register: Absolute Interpreting and Translations is a member of the government Data Protection register.  The Data Protection Register is a register of companies working with large amounts of sensitive data. The register functions as a safety mechanism by accrediting eligible firms and institutions. Which demonstrates that they handled the data they collect safely for the benefit and confidence of clients and employees.

Engagement With Local Communities:

All language service providers serve their end-users, because ultimately, the approval of the client is more valuable than any accreditation. Absolute Interpreting and Translations never fails to recognise and involve with its end-users and their local communities. Examples of such community engagement include:

• An IPSI lecture delivered at Aston University 
• Engaging with various Higher Education establishments by featuring in their job shops
Contributing to the apprenticeship programs.
• Sponsoring BCP (Black Country Partnerships) awards ceremony.
• Contributor to Child protection UK’s drug awareness campaign.
contributing to BBC’s children in need

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