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Absolute Interpreting and Translations is Attending BCPFT’s AGM 2019

June 25, 2020by admin

What is BCPFT’s AGM 2019?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is Attending BCPFT’s AGM 2019, which is this years Annual General Meeting (AGM) heled by Black Country Partnerships Foundation Trust. This will be held in The Village Hotel, Dudley, West Midlands. There, they will discuss the issues most seriously affecting the services they so generously provide to all of their service users. As a close partner of BCP Foundation Trusts, we are again, as always, engaging with them. This time we are presenting a stall at the associated health fair to educate and enlighten attendees about all the work that we put into providing access to healthcare, and why it is significant. This stall will be tended by the current managing director of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Emal Haidari. Aside from using it as an opportunity to teach others, Absolute certainly also intends to use it as an opportunity for itself to learn more about all the great work being done by BCP Foundation Trust, all the other attendees will doubtlessly be doing.

Who is Absolute Interpreting and Translations?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is a major language service provider that has and is continuing to work with multiple NHS Trusts across the UK as well as many other clients from both the public and private sector. This means that we supply countless medical interpreters for hospital appointments, GP appointments, therapy sessions and mental health consultations, among other things. We have been doing so for over 2 decades and have thus built a reputation with institutions such as the NHS as a trusted partner which is why we will be Attending BCPFT’s AGM 2019. Aside from providing our service, we have also done charitable work for our client, we are currently providing our service free of charge to some our clients in Cheshire east to show much we value the services they provide. Similarly, we had previously sponsored BCPFT’s award ceremony for staff excellence.

Why is Absolute Attending BCPFT’s AGM 2019?

As previously mentioned, Absolute Interpreting and translations have made a habit of engaging will all its clients including BCPFT, thus it is no surprise that we are Attending BCPFT’s AGM 2019, however there is a further reason that we are attending their AGM in particular, though we are not a healthcare provider, the work we do does grant many marginalised individuals the opportunity to receive healthcare, and not just in the Black Country. NHS approved Medical Interpreting services are an essential service to many individuals in the UK as, without it, it simply would not be possible to conduct many medical procedures. This is why Absolute has been working in Partnership with BCPFT for many years to ensure that individuals that are deaf/hard of hearing, or have LEP (Limited English Proficiency) can still get access to the invaluable services BCPFT provides.

Can You Join Absolute In Aiding BCPFT?

While Absolute is proud to say we have always and are continuing to exceed BCPFT’s expectations, we are always looking to improve the quality of the service we provide. One of the best ways for us to do that is to expand our pool of available linguists by taking on new recruits’ and training them to provide medical interpreting services to the individuals that require them. If you speak English and another language please visit: to see if you can help us help your community.

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