3 Ways To Spot a Good Interpreter

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3 Ways To Spot a Good Interpreter

The 3 main things you want to make sure you want in a quality interpreter are the following:

1. Humility: there is nothing worse than a wannabe interpreter who is too overconfident

2. Willingness to learn an improve: an interpreter is in constant training

3. Professional attitude: in all respects, from the dress code to the way he /she interacts with involved parties.

Although these points might seem vague at first sight, all the minor little things you also need to think about are already intertwined into these three elements.

A UK Translation Company That Puts Efforts in The Ongoing Training Of Its Interpreters

Monitoring our interpreters is a priority. In the last 2 months Absolute received 128 new interpreters to join Absolute and only 96 made it through Absolute’s rigorous assessments and training.

NHS & Public Service Approved Interpreters
Absolute is one of the only few companies in the UK that provides ongoing CPSI and CPD training courses to its interpreters. This time the courses were focused on interpreting in/for:

√ Mental Health Services
√ Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults
√ Courts and other Legal Settings
√ Social Services and for Asylum Applications and many more
√ Corporate and Business Interpreting

As an approved NHS and Public Service Interpreting and Translation Company Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd holds various interpreting training courses for its interpreters UK wide.

The keys to success: quality, perseverance and determination

ISO Certified Translation Company
ISO Certified Translation Company

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is proud to have been accredited by the IS017100:2015, a new certificate of registration specifically designed for Translation Companies. This international certification acknowledges the quality of the management of translation and interpreting services. Specific criteria had to be fulfilled in order to get the special prize. All services provided need to meet clients’ expectations: the target plays then a crucial role. The assignment process has to be dealt with in a timely manner, bearing in mind that sometimes the deadlines can be really strict like the Case Study below.
The company puts quality above anything else and provides only “human” translations as well as a fast and accurate service.