Certified Technical Translation Services UK

ISO9001 and ATC Approved Certified Technical Translation Services UK

There is significant demand for Certified Technical Translation services within the UK, as when launching a product into the UK, there is a need to prove that the product meets UK safety and quality standards and regulations. To prove products meet UK regulations, the product distributor must provide relevant technical documents containing products details in English. However, for authorities to accept the document translations, the translation may need to be a certified Translation. To appreciate the importance of choosing credible and reliable language service providers when obtaining certified technical translation services; we ought to appreciate what the terms “technical document translation” and “certified Translation” mean.

What are Certified Technical Translation Services- why are they needed in the UK?

Technical Translation Services:

Technical translations are the umbrella term for the translation of technical documents directed at educated professionals from various industries. They are characterised by the formal style they are written in and their use of subject-specific jargon. Technical translation fields include:

• Juridical Translation
• Scientific Translation
• Financial Translation
• Construction Translation
• Software Translation
• Agricultural Translation
Mechanical Translation
Marketing Translation
• Entertainment Translation

Pharmaceutical Translation
• Legal Translation


Certified Technical Translation Services UK
Technical documents have complex formatting and sophisticated wording, meaning only specially qualified translators can properly translate them.

Technical translations should be handled by technical translators qualified in the technical field the document is from. As other translators may not be familiar with the technical language style and terminology specific to that field, meaning they won’t be able to translate the document accurately and precisely. Technical translators will often make themselves proficient in the subject-specific technical language style and terminology of their field by embarking on further-study after obtaining their language degree, or they may obtaining experience in fields relevant to the translations they wish to perform. Aside from being able to translate subject-specific jargon accurately, there is also a need for technical translators to be familiar with context-specific interpretations of regular words. This would also require that the translator obtain further experience or qualification in their technical field.

Certified Translation Services:

Certified Technical Translation ServicesCertified translations are translations that have been provided by a certified translator or certified translation company. In the UK there isn’t much statutory regulation defining what a “translator” is. As of right now, any bilingual can call themselves a translator. Certified translations offer some security to clients, as when a translator certifies a translation, they need to declare the translation complete and accurate and sign their details in the capacity of a translator. Thus, it is possible to hold them to account to some extent should the translation be flawed. This is why the government insist on having some technical translations certified. This is significant as should something go amiss, there can be serious repercussions on both the business and the public. However, the level of security this offers is insufficient, as unless the language service provider is suitably insured, the business may not be able to obtain damages. This puts them at risk as, if an unsuitable product is approved for distribution, the government could blame the business and take legal action against the business on grounds of negligence with regard to ensuring the quality of the translation. Thus, particularly when commissioning certified technical translation services, in the UK it is important to obtain them from an accredited and reputable source.

Obtaining Technical Translation Services:

There are two routes through which a client can safely obtain certified technical translation services. Firstly they may choose to outsource their technical translation demands to a certified technical translation vendor, such as;

This is the safest method, as you will benefit from the companies recruitment framework and will be protected by their insurance policy, provided you choose an ATC member company such as ourselves. Assuming you choose a large global provider, such as us, you will also be able to have last minute translation services of any large demands on short notice. Secondly, they may choose to obtain certified technical translation services from freelancers through various forms such as the ITI. However, as clients would find out this comes with some difficulties.

One issue they would face is compliance with the legislative and certification standards and credibility of their translations since not all translators are certified to provide reliable, accurate or approved translation services. Furthermore, the difficulty of recruiting enough freelancers on short notice, meaning clients may not be able to meet their translation deadlines. Should clients succeed in finding enough freelancers on short notice, they would likely fall victim to marked-up rates for the work they wish to commission, as they would not benefit from the contracted rates technical translation firms prearrange to provide certified technical translation services. Furthermore, they would need to commission a team capable of screening professional linguists and negotiating fair rates quickly ensuring that the company doesn’t fall victim to fraudulent translators or unfair rates. This would be very costly to set up and maintain.

Finding Certified Technical Translation Companies

Clearly accredited translations companies are generally preferable to freelancers. Luckily finding reputable companies that offer certified technical translation services is easier than finding accredited linguists. Accredited language service providers have various visible forms of accreditation that you can look for to ensure they are “certified”. Aside from this, as previously mentioned certified translation companies will have insurance policies that ensure should something go wrong, you will be covered and reimbursed. Hallmarks of a reputable translation company include:

• ISO 9001: 2008 Accreditation
• ISO17100:2015 Accreditation
• ISO 27001 2005 Accreditation
ATC Membership
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Ensuring the quality of certified technical translation services is consistently high is obviously very important for smooth global trade, thus the ISO has published generally accepted standards on the required minimum quality language service providers need to ensure. At Absolute, we have all of these accreditations and more, which you can view on our awards and accreditations page. Furthermore, we face yearly audits to ensure these remain current. We are able to meet these standards as we have a sophisticated screening and recruitment procedure which ensures all of the certified technical translators we recruit are suitably qualified, even when we recruit them from abroad.

Why Choose Us to Provide Your Certified technical translation Services?

Accreditation possessed by certified Technical Translation Service providers
Accreditation possessed by certified Technical Translation Service providers

At Absolute, we offer and have offered Technical Translation services for a long time and have become very proficient at doing so.  We offer translation in all technical fields. Thanks to the constant demand we get, we have a very large pool of translators as well as very high staff retention. This means we can contact reliable and trusted translators on very short notice and meet all of our clients’ demands, without ever resorting to unsuitable low-quality machine translations, unlike some of our competition.

We have been able to build our self-sufficient system thanks to our sophisticated and effective digital management system and global reach. At a quarter of a million pounds, our system was a significant investment, however as you can see from the size of our network it paid off.  Furthermore, as can be seen from our success in competitive tending for our various contracts, we are able to provide professional accredited services at a very reasonable price.

Ultimately, the biggest concern when obtaining certified technical translations is security; which is why as a large, experienced and reputable company, with countless qualified linguists we are the perfect choice