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Certified Translations

Certified Translations, Sworn, Notarised and Legalised Translation in UK

What is a Certified Translation? This is the most basic certificate, given to the translated document by a UK Registered and Accredited Translation Company.

It is generally accepted by most institutions, so for example if you need to translate some documents for the Home Office, Schools, Universities or other public or private organisations this is usually as far as you need to go. However, often it is at the requesting organisations’ discretion as to whether they require a certified translation, notarised translation or sworn translation.

When and What Type of Documents Require Certified Translations in the UK?

There is no exact number listing the type of documents or text that need certified translations or when you may be asked to provide an accredited translation of your diplomas, degrees or certificates to a requesting organisation. However, following are some of the most commonly used types of documents that may require an approved and accredited translation:

  • Translation of University Certificates, Degrees: maybe you are applying as a teacher and the school may ask you for a certified translation.
  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates or divorce certificates: if you are applying for visa to another country or you are getting married or divorced, you maybe required by the court or embassy to provide a certified translation of your documents.
  • Land documents or any mother types of documents. Maybe you are buying or selling properties in the UK, Turkey, Spain or any other countries, you maybe asked to provide an approved and recognised translation of your documents.

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