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Company History

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is an award-winning international Translation and Interpreting Company that provides 24/7 world-class language support services for National Health Services, Local Government, International Organisations, Governments, and for the Public

A Language Service Provider
Since 1998 /2007

Maintaining world-class standards, meeting the ever-growing demand for language services with competitive rates, prompt turnarounds, and expert solutions.

The right linguists

Quickly identifying which linguist will be the most appropriate for each case requested by our clients.

A correct fit

By matching an appropriate linguist for each case, we are able to guarantee the delivery of exceptional services.

Global Network of Interpreters & Translators

Our vast and global network of professional linguists enables us to cater for bespoke language solutions to all size organisations

Further progress

We continuously train our linguists, enhance our technologies and improve our services to heighten levels of quality and professionalism.

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, we (the senior management) have been contributing to the prosperity of the language service industry since 1998 while working for the United Nations, but more actively since our establishment as Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd in 2007. Our foundation was based on the primary goal of providing a number of essential language services at the highest quality but at an affordable cost.

However, what sets us apart from others is that we are dedicated to providing affordable services without sacrificing quality, or increasing rates. We have achieved this through a mixture of simple and effective management strategies and consistent investment in cutting edge technology.
Granting access to essential medical and community service which would have otherwise been impossible due to language barriers.
Our clients come first - we work around your needs and requirements
Bring our linguistically diverse and multicultural communities together.
Providing opportunities for talented and enthusiastic individuals of all backgrounds - be they young people, students or linguists.
Tailoring your expert language solutions and experiences for your particular case.
We place vast importance on the ease of communication in all settings.

1998 /2007


Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd established

The establishment of Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, a leading UK based international language service provider, delivering, amongst other services, high-quality and professional interpreting and translation solutions. The Management of the Company has been providing world-class interpreting and translation services for the United Nations since 1998 well before Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd was formed in the UK in 2007.


UK, Birmingham Offices opened

Dedicated to extending the accessibility of our professional services, the opening of our Birmingham offices allowed us to proactively break down language barriers across the country.


Team Starts Growing

Following our expansion from our Birmingham Offices, it became imperative to recruit additional members of staff to support the demand for our services across the UK, so we started our sales and customer service operations in London and Manchester, and Essex.


ATC Membership

In the same year of trading in 2007we became a member of the ATC (Association of Translation Companies). This highlights how we are registered as a certified, accredited, and elite language service provider, assuring our clients of what they already knew; that we would not compromise on the quality of our services.


First Government Contract Award 6 Months After Trading

In early 2008, just only a year after trading in the UK, having gone through a robust and intensive tender, evaluation, and assessment exercise, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd was proudly entrusted by the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and awarded a place on the MoJ Interpreting and Translation Services Contract, allowing them to provide their pivotal services in over 300 languages.


First NHS & Local Authority Contracts

From early 2007, proudly won our first NHS Contract with Sandwell Primary Care now known as BCPFT and our first Local Authority Contract with Solihull MBC and Sandwell MBC, and soon after several other NHS and Local Authority contracts across the UK, allowing us to provide crucial medical services in over 300 languages.


ISO 9001 Certification

In 2008, we received our first ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certificate, accrediting our quality management system. This assured all of our clients that their requests would be handled in an organised and competent manner, leading to flawless results.


EU ATC Membership

In 2009, we became a network member of the EU ATC (European Union Association of Translation Companies), this means Absolute started trading globally since 2009.


Introduces Apprenticeships Programme

In 2009, we introduced our Apprenticeship and Internship Programme to help the Government’s initiative to provide employment opportunities to young people and to support prospective translation and interpreting apprentices to climb the ladder into the professional translation and interpreting industry.


ISO 17100 Certification

We became ISO17100 Translation Management System standards accredited. This international standard assures clients that the translations they are purchasing have been completed to an exceptional standard by qualified linguists. We are devoted to making our clients feel confident in our language services.


ISO27001 Accreditation

In 2015we also became certified and accredited by ISO27001 Information Security Management System standards for digital security, assuring both our clients and our employees that all of their data is kept safe and secure.



Winner of Innovation Technology for NHS ITMS™

Our innovative system, NHS ITMS™, encompasses invaluable and unique features and tools designed to support the NHS and Local Authorities deliver their first-line services while making ongoing cost-savings. 

May 2020

Absolute Becomes A Disability Confident Committed Employer

On 11th May 2020, we were certified as a Disability Confident Committed Employer. This recognition not only reflects our diversity, but it also signifies how we are actively part of the movement that encourages employers and businesses to improve their recruitment and retention of employees with disabilities.

Autumn 2020

Absolute Receives Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Being Cyber Essentials certified, Absolute’s clients can rest assured that their data is in safe hands. Cyber Essentials is a simple but effective, Government backed scheme that protects Absolute against a range of common cyber attacks.



Absolute receives the Social Value Award

In January 2021, Absolute Interpreting and Translations became the first translation company in the UK to receive the esteemed Cheshire and Merseyside Social Value Award, highlighting their role as a social value pioneer.

January 2021

Absolute Becomes NHS Digital Accredited

Already having strict cyber-security measures in place, Absolute is happy to report that they have been NHS Digital accredited. This shows that Absolute complies with the strict data protection rules and measures that the NHS sets for their service providers.

I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies.

Lawrence Bossidy


Great Clients
Over the years

Apart from the NHS and various Local Authorities, we have been entrusted by other clients in order to provide them with professional Translation and Interpreting services.
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