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Confidential Remote Video Interpreting Services

June 25, 2020by admin

Confidential Remote Video Interpreting Services

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, we regard RVideo Remote Interpretingemote Video Interpreting Services as the perfect alternative for when booking a face-to-face interpreter is simply not feasible. We want to be there for you and offer our high-quality interpreting services at a distance and even in the event of:

  • A global pandemic (e.g. COVID-19) or epidemic
  • Emergency medical appointments
  • International business meetings
  • Emergency police reporting
  • Court proceedings
    Council Meetings

We realise, however, that the discussions involved in such interpreting sessions will usually contain highly-sensitive information. Taking this into account, our Confidential Remote Video Interpreting Services guarantees the protection of your private and personal information. We take the necessary measures to prevent the unwanted sharing of your data.

Will Your Remote Video Interpreters Inform Me On How They Handle Confidential Matters?
We believe that you can fully trust our Professional Remote Video Interpreters. This is because, prior to working with us, it is mandatory for all of our interpreters to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), vowing to keep all information discussed during an interpreting session confidential at all times.

Furthermore, during the Remote Video Interpreting session, your Confidential Remote Video Interpreter will situate themselves in a secure location, ensuring complete privacy of the call. They will also inform you if your information happens to be at risk or is compromised. They do this because, ultimately, our trusted and professional Remote Video Interpreters respect the confidential nature of all information and they must make you aware of how your information is being handled.

Guaranteeing Confidence And Confidentiality With Your Personal Video Interpreter

“Well, who is going to answer my call?”,
“Can I trust the person on the other end of the line?”,
“Will someone actually attend the interpreting session?”.

These are popular and frequent questions asked by those requesting Remote Video Interpreting Services.
At Absolute, we want to address all security and trust concerns which is why it is imperative for us to ensure that our clients are confident in us, our services, and our interpreters. So if you have previously worked with one of our interpreters and you admire their work, then we can easily allocate them as your Personal Video Interpreter. Essentially, this will grant you instant and direct access to your trusted face-to-face interpreter(s), allowing them to respond to your personal interpreting demands. This has great benefits as your Personal Video Interpreter will already be aware of the context surrounding your interpreting sessions so they will be able to support you in the best way possible.

Alongside this, we are certain that this service will lead to great peace of mind as you do not have to worry about sharing your personal and private information with multiple interpreters. Although all of our interpreters happily and fully abide by the confidentiality clause of the NDA and of the Data Protection Act 1998, if you do not feel comfortable doing so, then we will never put you in a situation whereby you have to discuss your sensitive matters with a different linguist on each occasion.

Book Your Qualified Remote Video Interpreter

We provide high-quality Confidential Remote Video Interpreting Services in Birmingham. This service is also available in London, Manchester, Essex and many other cities across the UK. If you would like to contact us, please call us at +44 (0)121 356 3229 for more information, and a member of our team will gladly answer all of your questions. Alternatively, you can email us at:

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However, if Remote Video Interpreting is not the service that you are looking for, then we would like to inform you that we also provide high-quality Translation Services in Birmingham, London, Manchester, and in many other cities across the UK.

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