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Cross Cultural Marketing Translations and Interpretation

You have probably invested 1000s of pounds or dollars and have built a professional looking website and probably paid a web developer or web marketer to ensure that your website appears on the first page of every search engine worldwide, but have you ever thought why you are not getting enough business from your international prospective and potential clients? By translating and simplifying your website translation we ensure that you get more response and business from your prospective customers from foreign countries.

Marketing your services or products in a different culture than that of your own is very important and vital for your business. For example translation of ?You are mistaken? in Farsi (Dari) from Afghanistan does not mean the same in Farsi from Iran, in Iranian Farsi it is considered as an insult and abusive remark. Be aware that translating your website especially when targeting people from different cultures requires more than just converting text from one language into another, Absolute?s qualified and experienced translators recognise and take great pride in the knowledge that translation is a craft and an art, practised by people who must have more than language fluency. Language translators must have excellent writing skills, cultural understanding, technical expertise and common sense, as well as pride in their work.

Cross-cultural marketing is the strategic process of marketing among consumers whose culture differs from that of the marketer's (business owner?s) own culture at least in one of the fundamental cultural aspects, such as language, religion, social norms and values, education, and the living style.

Cross-cultural marketing demands marketers to be aware of and sensitive to the cultural differences; to respect the right to culture by the consumers in various ethnicity and marketplaces, marketers should understand that they deserved the right to their cultures. If the marketers want to be the winners in the cross-cultural marketing they must create the marketing mix that meets the consumer's values on a right to their culture and in this case it is vital for marketers and for the business owners to ensure their website translation is accurate and in all of the above aspects. Professor Robert Guang Tian,Ph.D,

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