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Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services in 315 Languages

What are cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services and Why Do We Offer Them?

Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services are certified Interpreting services that can be accessed remotely at any time, they are very useful in a range of situation including:

• When being contacted by customers who do not speak English for initial consultations.
• When contacting clients who do not speak your language without prior arrangement
• In unexpected emergency situations where you require an interpreter last minute
• To save on the travel expenses of booking an interpreter to come in person
• To contact people on very
short notice.

Absolute Interpreting and Translation offers Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services to clients at a very reasonable price. We do this, as we are aware that our clients are sometimes accosted by unexpected circumstances. However, we don’t let this hurt our clients’ interpreting experience by ensuring that all our telephone interpreting staff undergo further training, to ensure they are cable of proving telephone interpreting services.

How do Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services Work?

To use our Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services you will need to call a number that will be given to you. This number will grant you to direct access to Absolute Interpreting and Translation pool of qualified Telephone Interpreters without prior consultation. You will be able to use this number at any time for any of our 315 languages.
An interpreter will pick up and your call will be interpreted remotely within seconds. Due to the ease of access and the number of Interpreters we have virtually all calls go forward without issue, regardless of language.

Alternatively, you can email or call to request a telephone interpreter and our staff will personally connect you to one of our interpreters and ensure the call goes forward without any issue. Following this, the session will take place as a regular relay interpreting session save for the fact it's done over the phone. This means that the interpreters listen to each utterance and then interpret it to the parties, vice versa.

What are the Benefits of Setting up a Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Service?

While there are situations Face to Face Interpreting is more suitable than Telephone Interpreting, Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services have some benefits that Face to Face Interpreting does not, these include: • Instant access to interpreters from across our global network
• No minimum bookin
g time on the interpreters, they are paid by the minute
• No Travel Expenses
• 24/7 access to interpreting services, without an out of hours fee

Furthermore, all of our telephone interpreters promise the same degree of qualification and skill as our regular interpreters and our ISO 9001 service standards still apply, thus there is no need to fear poor service quality. Furthermore, as previously mentioned our telephone interpreters enjoy further training to ensure that they are able to deal with the complexities of telephone interpreting.

Where Would Telephone Interpreting Not Be Suitable?

While in most cases telephone Interpreting is more than sufficient to conduct a session, there are particular cases where visual aspects are important, in these situations it may be preferable to invest in Video Interpreting service, or a Face to Face Interpreter. Such situations include:

• When Interpreting for Individuals who speak BSL
• When the end-user is unable to use a phone, i.e. due to being physically compromised.
• When Interpreting is locations where telecommunications are not useable, i.e. in MRI rooms.
• Where facial expressions and visual cues are important.

While these situations are rare, they are few and far between, it is always worth contacting us and discussing the context of the session you wish to conduct and then our team can notify you on whether telephone interpreting would be suitable or if it would be in your interest to take your session forward through a different type of service.

How to Obtain Certified Cheap 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Services with Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

If these service interest you please let us know by emailing us at: enquiries @ absolute-interpreting.co.uk

Alternatively please give us a call at: +44 (0) 121 270 6801 and pick the sales extension.

If you would like to invest in some of our other services such as our cheap video link interpreting services, or our face to face interpreting services, please click here to be redirected to our services page and browse through the services we offer.

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