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Guaranteed Cost Savings for the NHS

How we save our NHS Clients Thousands each month.

FACT: In 2018/2019, we saved our regular NHS clients just over £250,000.00.

What do we provide to the NHS?

We are a third-party service supplier to the NHS. This means that they provide the NHS with professional auxiliary services that the NHS can’t provide internally. Specifically, we provide professional language services. Language service is the umbrella term for the various Interpreting, Translation, Proofreading and localisation services that you might need. Most NHS clients typically require interpreting and translation services. Absolute provides these services to the NHS at a highly competitive cost saving our NHS Clients thousands each month ensuring they don't need to spend on maintaining such services internally, which can be incredibly costly.

Why does the NHS need these services?

These services are essential to the NHS as without them many people would get excluded from the services the NHS provides. This is problematic by itself, but the situation is further exacerbated by statutory duties placed on public bodies by the equality act 2010, which places a positive responsibly on public duties to make their services accessible.  One of the various effects of this is that provision of language services becomes necessary for those who would be excluded without them, this list includes individuals who are deaf/hard of hearing as well as those with limited English proficiency (LEP).  Without skilled third-party language service suppliers such as ourselves, the NHS would need to set up and maintain internal language service provision structures. This would be very difficult as each trust may not necessarily have enough demand for each language to make maintaining a large pool of linguists finically viable.

How do we save our NHS clients thousands each month?

Nonetheless, public bodies have a duty to all users, not some. Thankfully, we have tools and techniques in place to provide these services saving our NHS Clients Thousands each month.
We will briefly walk you through just two of the things we do to bring about this result.

Our NHS Interpreting and Translation Management System (NHS ITMS™)

Through our specialised booking software, we can provide linguists from a range of languages, in high volumes, consistently. We have a specialised booking system for our NHS clients, our prestigious “NHS ITMS™” built at a cost of quarter of a million-pound investment. Consequently, we are able to quickly sort through our over 21,000 linguists and pick the one most suitable for each booking. This means not only that we can reduce costs for our clients, but also provide a more reliable and accessible service for their patients.

Tangible Continual Cost Savings for the NHS

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, we have the expertise, we have the experience and the unique innovations to guarantee continual cost savings for our NHS clients. To find out more about how we can save your organisation, please get in touch with us at enquiries@absolute-interpreting.co.uk

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