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Court Interpreting Services

Court Interpreting Services

We are living in an increasingly multicultural environment where cultures and languages crisscross. For this reason, the needs for Court Interpreting Services or Legal Translation Services in courtrooms are significantly increasing. 
It is crucial that all individuals involved in the court hearing fully understand everything that is said to ensure that the hearing goes smoothly and efficiently. The Interpreter is engaged in order to avoid any misunderstanding between the different parties.

What Does a Court Interpreter Do?

The major type of interpreting used in legal contexts is consecutive interpreting. The Interpreter listens to the person speaking and takes notes to ensure that nothing is forgotten or left out from the conversation. Once the person has finished talking, the interpreting can start. A court interpreter’s mission is to provide language interpretation for those who are not fluent in the languages spoken in court, but also during attorney-client meetings, interviews, depositions telephone calls and video conferences. Therefore, the Interpreter represents the link between the court system and witnesses, defendants, families, etc. Court interpreters are required to be fluent in multiple languages since a court hearing may involve several languages at the same time.

What Services Do We Offer?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, we can provide you with fully qualified and experienced Court 
Interpreters (Court Interpreting Services), who are specialists in legal affairs, in over 315 languages. Our interpreters know and respect cultural differences and remain professional and concise in all situations.

Additionally, we are one of the few Translation and Interpreting Agencies which has a specialised management system designed to take all aspects of the client’s requirements into account and to provide them with a list of interpreters to choose from, hence making 
the booking of the interpreter easier and faster.

How can I be sure of my Court Interpreter’s quality of work?

Firstly, the quality of the services we provide is our top priority. Therefore, our interpreters receive extensive quarterly trainings where their qualifications are tested and their experience verified to ensure the delivery of quality Interpreting Services.

Secondly, we guarantee that the interpreter will interpret everything that is said during the hearing. The words of the person speaking will on no account be distorted, nor will details be left out because they might be of significant importance and also influence the outcome of the hearing.

Thirdly, before working in court, the Interpreter has to take oath and swear before the judiciary that he or she will interpret faithfully and to the best of their knowledge and abilities. At Absolute, our Interpreters vow to remain impartial because they know they represent an important link between all the individuals involved in the court hearing.

Fourthly, our Interpreters are trained to interpret the concerned parties’  words faithfully, but also the tone and the connotations of the original language. 
For this reason, he or she should also include slang or bad language in order to be as faithful to the original as possible, even if this type of language might seem inappropriate in court settings.

Finally, all our court Interpreters have a broad knowledge of the legal terminology in order to fully understand each word said in court and to choose the right words in the target language as they have a very specific meaning with legal implications.

If you would like to book an interpreter or know more about the services we provide, please call the +44 (0)121 356 3229 from the UK or the +1-(213)-536-4766 from the USA.

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