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Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Services

Why Does the Fashion Industry need Specialist Translation & Localisation Services?

The fashion industry, like most others, has become more global than ever. Manufacturing work is now being exported to LEDC countries, while design work being handled by MEDCs. This requires ideas to travel overseas to facilitate, among other things the manufacturing of the products. This is facilitated through Specialist Fashion Translation projects, which allow the ideas to be understood but all the different linguistic communities involved. This is made possible, thanks to Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation service providers.

Aside from this, the success of products in the fashion industry is massively dependant on the success of marketing and media campaigns leading up to the product launch. As fashion items depreciate quickly, meaning if the marketing campaigns leading up to the product launch aren't immediately successful the product may not sell at its highest value.
Thus, when launching a product overseas it's not only important to have media campaigns localised by specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Service providers to ensure that they are effective to the target audience; it is also important to have them localised quickly.

Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation service providers can ensure this happens, which is why professionals in the fashion industry often employ them. However, not all service providers offer the same service at the same quality for the same price. So how can clients in the fashion industry ensure that they pick the right Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation service provider to help produce and sell their product overseas? Furthermore, given that the fashion industry requires multiple language services for all the different aspects of production in the fashion industry.

How can clients know which language service provider they ought to commission to provide all their services without going over budget? After all, they will certainly find they can't use the same linguist to provide them with their product specifications translations and their publicity event voice-overs if they wish to have them both provided at a high quality.

What different Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Services Are Available?

As previously mentioned, the fashion industry is multi-faceted; the only things that tie together all its different aspects are its end products and its global reach. Thus, clients will need to decide which language service they wish to commission and when. Services commonly used by the fashion industry include:

Certified Technical Translation, for highly specific product specifications in the production phase.
Marketing Translation Services, for obtaining global reach when selling their advertising products abroad.
Website Localisation for increasing product reach and success during international launch.
Subtitling services for translating key publicity events such as catwalks and other forms of event commentary.
International Voiceovers, for the same reason.

These are just some of the essential Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Services clients in the fashion industry frequently invest in, clients may find they are in need of further services.

How Do These Services Differ?

Clients may be wondering what the differences between these services are and more importantly if it would be possible to commission the same person to handle some or all of them. Unfortunately, each and every listed service is a specialist service that should only be attempted by a linguist specialised in providing that particular service. While it is not possible to commission the same person for every service, it is possible to commission one Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Service provider i.e. Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd (us). Why this is the case will become clear once we explain what each service entails.

Certified Technical Translation entails translation subject-specific terms in a factual culture-neutral fashion, such that only key technical details are transferred accurately and precisely, ensuring no data is lost in translation and therefore ensuring that products are produced well. This requires familiarity with the profession from which the source text originates; otherwise, it will not be possible to correctly translate subject-specific jargon.

Marketing Translation Services entails translating advertising all the aspects of advertising campaigns; from press release to reviews to billboards. This type of translation is deeply culture-sensitive and there is a need not only to translate text but meaning, such that the key message intended to pass on is translated into the target audience. It often goes hand to hand with website localisation.

Website Localisation is the adaption of websites into different linguistic communities. This requires the linguist to translate the source text in a culturally sensitive manner and also adapt the formatting to foreign audiences to maximise compatibility and ease of use. This requires the translator not only to be familiar with the target language but also lifestyle.

Subtitling Services are required to ensure publicity from key events is not lost. It requires precise transcription of the audio and then the translation of the text into a culture appropriate script which can be read and digested in real-time by a viewer of the event. This requires both the technical precision of a technical translator and the cultural sensitivity of a marketing translator.

International Voiceovers require interpreters to read out or interpret in the source words/text in a culturally appropriate way without losing emotion or nuance, a skill not many have.

How do I Pick a Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Service Provider?

Clearly Obtaining a Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Service provider is vital for a successful product launch, however, how can you identify who is suitable and who is not? Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd are perfect for providing Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Services for a variety of reasons. However, a few of the simple main ones include:

Our ISO Accreditations
Our ATC membership
Our experience with global clients
• Our Ability to offer all the Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Service a client from the fashion industry would need.
• The fact we have 21,000 linguists across the globe
The fact our services run 24/7

We are an experienced and accredited language service provider that understands the intricacies of delivering Specialist Fashion Translation & Localisation Services. The quality of our services are regularly audited and assured through our certifications listed above, and we have clients from various fields vouching for the quality of our service. Thus clients can feel safe when using our services.

To find out more about the services we offer and our pricing, visit our services page.

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