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Pharmaceutical Translation Services- UK & Abroad

The medical sector, especially the pharmaceutical sector requires Pharmaceutical Translation Services to function, particularly in the UK and EU. This is due to the fact that any drug created and distributed in an EU member state has to meet EU production standards, this functionality in all official EU languages. Pharmaceutical companies are often not equipped with the resources to handle the multiple large scale pharmaceutical translation projects required to make a new drug ready for the single market. Consequently, Translation Companies such as ourselves invest heavily in recruiting translators specifically for the purpose of meeting demands for pharmaceutical translation services. We have literally thousands of linguists qualified
in medical translations who provide world-class ISO Certified Translation Services in a host of language pairs. This means we are able to translate very large quantities of documents quickly, as is required when making a pharmaceutical product commercially available in the single market.

The pharmaceutical industry is deeply globalised, while the industry can be recognised from this symbol, its services need to be translated.

Why Absolute Interpreting and Translations is the best Equipped to provide Pharmaceutical Translation Services.

There are several reasons that make us better at providing pharmaceutical translation services than our competition.

Past Medical Language Service Experience

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is very familiar with the medical language service sector. We have been working with the NHS for a number of years and are the current language service provider for multiple NHS Trusts. As such our linguists are familiar with medical jargon giving them an edge over the competition when concerned with pharmaceutical translation services. Furthermore, as is visible from our testimonials, our previous medical clients have approved of our services.

Quality Assurance- ISO9001 and ISO17100 & ATC Accreditation

Furthermore, we have been recognised for our achievements in the language service sector. One of the manners in which our proficiency has been recognised is through our ISO accreditations for translation quality assurance, general quality assurance and our cybersecurity framework. Furthermore, we are a registered and accredited member of the Association of Translation Companies (ATC). As such we are bound by their code of conduct and you can be assured that we have at the bare minimum met their membership requirements.

Global Reach & Linguist Pool

Absolute operates globally; as such we have a far greater reach of active and potential translators to choose from. Thus, we are able to meet very large and sudden demands for pharmaceutical translation services frequently, meaning our clients are never let down. Also, it means our translators are familiar with foreign standards and policies better equipping them to provide acceptable and effective translations when preparing pharmaceutical products for export.

Quality of Pharmaceutical Translators- Level of Qualification

All of our Translators are suitably qualified for the projects they work on. As mentioned, our translator pool is sizable, but they all meet the ISO standard for quality of translations. While they are not all specialised exclusively to pharmaceutical translation, as we have so many, we have no difficulty meeting the demands of any sector, including pharmaceutical translation services.

Range of Services Provided

While we excel at providing pharmaceutical translation services, we also offer various other services which clients in the pharmaceutical industry may take interest in. One such service is website localisation which will help clients tailor their websites to other regions in which they plan to expand to. Since we are now in a digital age, digital presence has a huge impact on how well products are received in the market. As such, clients may wish to localise their current digital presence to their target market to ensure expansion and product reception goes smoothly. To see some of the other services we offer please see our services page and call or use our instant chatting tool.

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