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Supporting NHS Clients

As an approved NHS Language Service Provider, we always go the extra miles to achieving our NHS Clients wider objectives of excellence in patient care, continual service improvement and promoting their staff good code of practice when they do best. To this end, we have been a proud supporter of our NHS clients for many years by sponsoring our NHS Clients Achieving Excellence Awards and providing continual cost savings over and above what is already on offer to our NHS clients.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Is Sponsoring Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust's Achieving Excellence Award  2019

What is Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust's Staff Excellence award ceremony?

Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust's Staff Excellence award is the award ceremony event held by BCPFT to celebrate the hard and important work of their staff.
BCPFT is an NHS Trust providing NHS services to residents of the black country, a region within the West Midlands county. It provides a range of vital health services for residents of the black country region and is committed to increasing the quality of its services. Just this year it is joining with the Dudley and Walsall Mental Health Partnership to launch a quality improvement initiative.

Who are Absolute Interpreting and Translations?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations will be a familiar name to attendees of the previous Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust, given that this is not the first time they have sponsored their events. Nonetheless, perhaps it would be beneficial to clarify their relation to the Trust. Absolute Interpreting and Translations is a language service provider and a major supplier interpreting and translation services to various NHS Trusts across the UK.
As a Birmingham founded company and a member of Birmingham’s Chamber of Commerce , Absolute Interpreting and Translations has developed a particularly long standing mutually beneficial business relationship with BCFP that is still clearly going strong.

How do Absolute and BCPFT’s aims overlap?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations are devoted to ensuring that everyone has access to the key services required for healthy living. BCPFT is a key provider of such services in the Black Country area. Thus, Absolute Interpreting and Translations supplies to the Trust interpreters in over 310 languages ensuring that none of the residents in the Black Country area are barred from the services to which they have statutory entitlements as a result of their linguistic background. While Absolute Interpreting and Translations does offer on a for profit basis, unlike the Trust, that does not take away from the ethical nature of the work we do. This is particularly true given how self-aware we are of the nature of our clients work, as can be seen from their our charitable work, such as partnering with BBC’s children in need, or our pro-bono service provision to Cheshire east.

Why is Absolute sponsoring Black Country Partnership Foundation Trust's Staff Excellence Award?

Absolute Interpreting and Translations has a reputation for going above and beyond for its client’s prosperity. This is reflected not only in the decision to sponsor this event, but rather in the pattern of behaviour Absolute has displayed toward its all its clients. For example, Absolute is currently also sponsoring East Cheshire NHS Trust Staff Award Ceremony 2019 for Staff Excellence.
Furthermore, Absolute has a commitment to increasing prosperity in the regions within which it operates by collaborating with local businesses and institutions to market its vacancies and recruit locally, therefore providing much needed employment among demographics typically underrepresented in the job market.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is well aware of how deserving BCPFT’s Staff truly are, given that their staff often work hand in hand when delivering their respective services. As a result of the collaborative nature of language service provision, Absolute Interpreting and Translations has a uniquely acute degree of respect for the work done by the Trust does on a daily basis.

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