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Cyber security Accreditation- Absolute Interpreting and Translations Obtains The ISO 27001

A Promise of Digital Safety- Absolute Interpreting and Translations has for 4th consecutive year become ISO 27001 Accredited- Certifying its Cyber Security Systems.


The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has once again accredited Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, this time for the quality of their Cyber Security systems and procedures. Digital security is essential to the safe administration of a Language Service Provider. Given the vast amount of sensitive data that is exchanged in terms of legally privileged documentation within the translations department and the sensitive personal information exchanged when arranging face to face interpreting sessions, there is much that could go wrong if language service providers acted carelessly. Thus, clients will be happy to hear that the ISO has published a new standard tailored to ensuring digital security concerns are met, the ISO 27001. Clients will be even happier to note that Absolute Interpreting and Translations have had their digital security systems certified in accordance with those standards for 4 consecutive years.

How we did it- The Systems & Procedures Absolute Interpreting and Translations use to keep Cyber Security levels high.

There are a variety of factors that contributed to Absolute Interpreting and Translations being able to acquire the ISO27001 certificate for cyber security. Some of these include:

ISO Certified Translation Company

Heavy investment in secure digital management software.

At a quarter of a million pounds, Absolute Interpreting and Translations didn’t obtain their digital management system cheap. However as this their ISO accreditation proves, we got what we paid for. All client requests are processed exclusively through Absolute Interpreting and Translations secure digital booking system, meaning the details are never accessible to anyone other than the people intended to access them. All Linguists are also registered and assigned through this system meaning that bookings can be processed efficiently through a streamlined process involving only one application and also that both our clients and our interpreters are safe.

Secure private company server and domain

ISO27001- Cyber Security Certified System

Absolute Interpreting and Translations has its own company server and domain. Other than our own booking management software, Absolute Interpreting and translations have also invested in its own secure private company server which is completely inaccessible to other parties. All emails and company documents are stored and processed within the company server meaning that they are kept secure. All email communication is sent to the server through our private domain which helps filter out spam and keep communications secure.

Rigid departmental data access

Access to locations within the company server is restricted by user, meaning employees can only access data relevant to their department and of course third parties can access nothing at all. All users have their account password protected and as part of correct company policy, these are not to be shared.

Registration with relevant data regulation bodies.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations are also registered with the ICO (information commissioner’s office) under the data protection act and fully complies with GDPR. This means that our data storage policies are we are known and regulated by the UK government’s privacy and cyber security regulations (alongside our own and those of the ISO). Thus all of our clients can feel safe using our services and know that should they for whatever reason be aggrieved they would have grounds for legal remedy.
Absolute Interpreting and Translations company server, ensuring secure storage and communication- essential for cyber security.

Who you should care- Why Absolute Interpreting and Translations ISO 27001 Cyber Security Accreditation is Beneficial to Current & Prospecting Clients.

It is no secret that poor Cyber-security can lead to dire consequences, which is why institutions ought to be wary when giving sensitive information to third parties. However, this no longer needs to be an issue to clients, as the ISO 27001 certificate for digital security pushes the burden of proof back onto service providers as opposed to clients. Absolute Interpreting and Translations is happy to bear this burden as can be seen in our ISO accreditation and ICO registry among other things.

We hope to see a continuation in this trend of Quality assurance and safety screening among service providers, as it gives us the opportunity to prove ourselves as the best option; differentiating ourselves from the competition. This is ultimately in the best interest of all parties (except weaker competition) which is why we feel anyone looking for a Reputable Language Service Provider (Approved Translation Company) ought to utilise such standard bodies to ensure that the Language Service provider they are choosing to fulfil their language needs has been certified and accredited, and not just in one aspect of their service. Other Legitimate and meaningful forms of accreditation include ATC membership, ISO17100 accreditation and ISO 9001 accreditation.

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