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Different Kinds Of Translation Services – Part 1 - Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

February 23, 2021by Annie Werner

The translation industry is ever-growing and has been expanding at a fast rate in the past years. Today’s article is all about different kinds of translation services and what they can be used for. Included in this article are some of the most popular kinds of translation services, including (but not limited to): Website translation, Legal Translation, Commercial Translation, Technical Translation and Marketing Translation.  Find out what translation service is best suited for your needs!

How to find the right kind of translation service for you

Determining what kind of translation service is the right one for you largely depends on what kind of project you are looking to get translated. Furthermore, it depends on the industry you are from. This is because certain industries have their own, specialised vocabulary and language norms that the translation needs to adhere to. What differences are there in translation services and what can they be used for?

Website Translation

Website translation and localisation refers to transporting your website contents and interface into another language. In this globalised and highly connected world, it is important to stay on top of your game and offer your clients your services in their native language and adapted to their cultural needs. By ensuring that your website addresses differences like date format, grammar, or currency, it can more easily appeal to your target audience.

Legal Translation

Legal translations are most often used in the legal industry. This can include personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates but also warrants or administrative texts. To add to this, legal translations are also used when a court proceeding is held between members of two or more languages, to make the minutes of court proceedings and additional documents available to all parties. Since this is a highly specialised topic, translators are required to have an extensive knowledge of the legal system and extensive training to always keep their knowledge up to date. Since all legal documents are incredibly important and official, it is important to ensure that your translation is error-free to avoid legal complications.

Commercial Translation

Commercial translation is a broad field and includes all documents that are used in a business environment. As the quality of the translation is dependent on the knowledge of your translator, it is key to ensure that the translator has a vast background in the industry you are from. They must be fluent in specialised industry terminology and business jargon. This type of translation can include e.g. email communication, reports or tender documents.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is usually specific to the manufacturing industry, but can also include IT, engineering, and electronics. It includes a variety of texts, e.g., manuals, safety documentation, assembly instructions, patents, or product data sheets. To harmonise production across borders and ensure that your customers can safely use your products, it is vital to provide high quality technical translations. It might be necessary to provide your translator with specifics regarding your company terminology for certain products or processes, to make sure that they can properly translate your project.

Marketing Translation

Marketing translation covers a wide range of marketing materials, which could include leaflets, TV spots, newsletters, press releases, advertising campaigns etc. To translate these materials, a special knowledge in both the source and target language and culture are required. This is because the translator needs to be aware of linguistic subtleties and connotations. Having your marketing materials translated gives you a competitive edge over your competitors and helps you reach more potential customers.

Our next article will cover Medical Translation, Literary Translation, Multimedia Translation and Game and Software Translation. Stay tuned!


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