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Different Kinds Of Translation Services – Part 2 - Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

February 23, 2021by Annie Werner

The translation industry is ever-growing and has been expanding at a fast rate in the past years. Today’s article is all about different kinds of translation services and what they can be used for. This is part two of our “Different kinds of translation services” series. You can find part one here (insert link). Part two deals with Medical Translation, Literary Translation, Multimedia Translation and Game and Software Translation. Find out what translation service is best suited for your needs!

How to find the right kind of translation service for you

When trying to find out what kind of translation service is the right one you should firstly focus on what kind of project you have. Is it a text, a website, some other form of media? Determine what you want to do with the translated text. Furthermore, keep in mind what industry you are from or what kind of expertise the translator needs if it is a personal translation. This is important because certain industries have their own, specialised vocabulary and language norms. What differences are there in translation services and what can they be used for?

Medical Translation

Medical translation requires an extensive knowledge and experience in medical terminology, procedures, and the usage of medical equipment. Furthermore, since different countries have different requirements for medical devices, the translation needs to be done very carefully. A medical translation can include, but is not limited to, documents for patients, e.g. medical consent forms or information sheets. They can also include documents for nurses and GPs, like clinical documentation or instructions for use. Finally, a medical translation can also include the translation of product information, data sheets or packaging.

Literary Translation

Literary translation refers to the translation of literary works – poems, plays, novels, short stories, and the like. This form of translation is considered to be one of the most difficult. In order to produce a high-quality literary translation, the translator has to have a deep understanding of source and target culture. With this in mind, they face the difficulty of not only conveying the intended meaning of the text. They also must appropriately transport cultural nuances, adapt humour, and adequately convey feelings and emotions in the target language. What makes this task so difficult is the fact that a lot of elements are hard to translate. These include connotations, rhymes, puns, idiomatic expressions etc.

Multimedia Translation

Multimedia translations include the translation of a broad range of media. This can be, for example: infographics, videos, GIFs, an audio recording, animations, and a lot more. Having your multimedia assets translated gives you a competitive edge over other companies and helps you reach more potential customers. Additionally, translated contents encourage the audience to engage and interact more with your brand. This closely ties in with website translation and localisation, as the two topics go hand in hand.

Game and Software Translation

Game and software translation can include, but is not limited to, the translation and localisation of packaging, game scripts, manuals, and interfaces. Adapting your game or software to reach a foreign market needs more than a simple translation of texts. Translating and localising your gaming and software content will immediately extend the consumer reach of your company. Find out more about the differences between translation and localisation here (insert link).

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