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Easy Read Services

What Is An Easy Read Document

Easy Read refers to the text of a document which is presented in an easy to understand format. Essentially, producing an Easy Read document encompasses the translation of a complicated document into simpler language by using short sentences with common words and pictures. They are extremely beneficial for those with learning disabilities or for those who have conditions that affect the way their brain processes information.

Easy Read is also useful for:

Do not speak English

Do You Have The Right Easy Read Service For Me?

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations, we understand that it can be hard to explain or describe a concept or idea in a simple yet unambiguous manner. We want to do the hard work for you and this is why we offer Easy Read Services at very competitive rates. We realise that there are a vast number of documents that will require an Easy Read format, for instance:

  • Letters
  • Questionnaires
  • Websites
  • Leaflets
  • Reports
  • Posters
  • Handbooks

Our Professional Easy Read Translators always provide two final documents: one high-resolution for printing and one low-resolution for use online. Furthermore, we want to cater your final product towards your personal requirements. So, if you have a style guide, then our translators will happily conform to it. Regardless of whether it’s particular colour themes, images or designs that you have in mind, please do not hesitate to share them with us.

What If I Want My Easy Read Document In A Language Other Than English?

Thanks to our extensive network of professional translators, we are able to translate documents into over 350 different languages. In our multilingual country, Absolute Interpreting and Translations wants to make all documents accessible to those who do not speak English as their first language. If you would like your Easy Read document to be understood by foreign language speakers, then our high-quality, cost-effective Translation Services is the solution for you. This, in turn, will greatly benefit non-English speaking communities who require Easy Read documents to facilitate comprehension of difficult information.

What Does an Easy Read Document Look Like?

There is no single way to render a document into an Easy Read format. However, our Easy Read Services abide by the general consensus of the guidelines that should be followed in order to produce an effective document. Our Professional Easy Read Translators ensure to do the following:

  • Information is written in short sentences
  • Avoid complex words or jargon where possible
  • Support sentences with related images
  • Use a clear, large font and avoid italics
  • Images are aligned to the left hand side of the page, while the text is aligned to the right hand side
  • The design of the document is kept single in order to avoid distraction from the information

Our Easy Read Translators take great care when producing your Easy Read. They always have your target reader in mind, therefore, you can be confident that you will receive a document that your audience will greatly benefit from.

Book Your Qualified Easy Read Translator

We provide high-quality Easy Read Services in Birmingham. This service is also available in London, Manchester, Essex and many other cities across the UK. If you would like to contact us, please call us at +44 (0)121 356 3229 for more information and a member of our team will gladly answer all of your questions. Alternatively, you can email us at:

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