Nowadays most businesses endeavour to expand their businesses overseas e.g. Estate Agents, Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers, Food Companies etc.
So you want to expand your business overseas, but are unsure on how to cope with huge number of incoming emails from your prospective clients or business partners written in foreign language(s)?
You are concerned how to cross the language barrier and to impress and give confidence to your potential clients because you would like to address them in their native language.

At Absolute, we have specialist linguists who are experienced in different areas e.g. marketing, legal services, customer services, medical and other general businesses and we recognise that on-line customers are up to five times more likely to make purchases or trade when addressed in their native language.

How Does This Work and what is The Process?

  • 1. Email us your letter/email M
  • 2. Tell us how many languages you want your letter/email translated into
  • 3. Write us briefly on the aim of your email…
  • 4. Your email and any other document will soon be translated by an experienced translator.
  • 5. We then send your translated email back to you and most of the time you get your translation back on the same day.
  • 6. The other plus point is that it will cost you like all other normal translations.

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