Over 6300 Qualified Interpreters & Translators Across the UK

Interpreting is a complex task. It requires confidence, experience, integrity, confidentiality, impartiality. It is imperative that the interpreter is qualified, trained and experienced and interprets correctly, instantly and without delay.

To be able to deliver the highest level of quality and professional services interpreters must:

From our 11 years of experience in the interpreting and translation industry we recognise cultural differences and always ask client?s to specify the gender and origin of interpreter required e.g. whether they prefer a male or female interpreter, a Farsi Interpreter from Iran or Farsi Interpreter from Afghanistan, Punjabi Interpreter from India or Pakistan and etc.

Our fully qualified and experienced interpreters are extensively trained to effectively deal with all scenarios of interpreting needs. Absolute provides qualified native speaker interpreters to all sectors including:

Public Sector- Immigration Interpreters National Health Service Interpreters Court Interpreters Social Services Interpreters Interpreters for Housing Associations Police Interpreters Mediation and many more
Business Conference Interpreters Group Meetings Telephone Interpreting Video Conferencing International Voiceovers Audio and video translations Audio to text and text to Audio translation and transcription

Some of our clients who use our services are:

| Solicitors| Councils Nationwide | Asylum Support Teams

| Schools and Colleges   | Refugee Centres | Charity Organisations and many more

Absolute Interpreting and Translations are the first company in the UK to provide first- class 24/7 business conference interpreters, conference interpreters, telephone interpreters, face to face interpreters and voiceovers even on 30 to 45 minutes in all languages including: Arabic, Albanian, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dari, Farsi, Pushto, Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Korean, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Romanian, Swedish, Vietnamese who are native speakers, fluent in their language combinations and have the right qualifications to provide quality and professional conference interpreting.

Absolute Provide Qualified Interpreters You Can Trust

Whether you require face to face interpreter, simultaneous interpreter (for conferences), video link interpreter or consecutive interpreters (for a smaller group meetings) you will always get the same qualified and experienced interpreters who have the relevant experience to meet your interpreting needs. Absolute Interpreting and Translations are the only company in the UK that has a specialised Interpreting and Translations Management System (ITMS) which has been carefully designed and programmed to take every possible aspect of interpreters quality, security and speciality into account before giving the user list of interpreters to choose from, hence making the provision of our interpreting and translations the most efficient, cost effective and accurate.

We offer free no obligation Quote & advice. Call us now on Interpreting Translation   UK   UK+44 (0)121 356 3229 from the UK Interpreting Translation   US   USA+1-(213)-536-4766 or email us at   enquiries@absolute-interpreting.co.uk

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