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Fashion Industry Translation Services

Fashion Industry Translation Services

Why are Fashion Industry Translation Services Important?

Fashion is an international industry. A number of our favourite high-street retailers
have gained access to many countries globally. Meanwhile, manufacturing products usually takes place in various locations around the world. This signifies how ideas and discussions between colleagues and partners regularly cross borders. As a result, Absolute Interpreting and Translations decided to establish Fashion Industry Translation Services across the UK to enable fashion companies to run smoothly and to thrive at an international level. To illustrate, recognised companies, such as Tiffany and Co. and Estēe Lauder, chose Absolute Interpreting and Translations to help them with their translation requests. This conveys how you can trust us to boost the momentum of your company. So, whether you are a high-street brand, a fashion designer or a small fabric store owner, we can provide the necessary high-quality translation services that will enable you to build your brand, niche and image overseas.

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How Can Your Company Benefit from Our Fashion Industry Translation Services?

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations, we acknowledge that the success of a fashion company is heavily dependent on its marketing material. For example, although a simple slogan may be effective in some western countries, it cannot be guaranteed that the same slogan will be as successful in eastern communities that exercise different values. We want to protect your bold and unique brand which is why we offer Fashion Industry Translation Services. We understand that fashion-orientated translations require creativity and deep understanding of the industry. Therefore, we are proud to inform you that our professional translators have a literary flair in at least two languages, meaning that they can convey your messages accurately, yet idiomatically. We take great care to ensure that your fashion concepts and values are comprehensive to different cultures from all around the world. Additionally, we go beyond merely translating your marketing material. We can help you translate, for example:

  • Catalogues
  • Clothing labels
  • Product Descriptions
  • Advertising Campaigns
  • Lookbooks
  • Press Releases

There are fashionistas everywhere who are open to new styles and we want to help you reach them. So, whatever the type of document that you wish to be translated, our dedicated project management team will assign your project to the best-suited translator to fulfil all of your translation needs. Since we are a full and proud member of ATC (Association of Translation Companies) and are also accredited by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), we do not deliver a product without ensuring its quality.

Can you Translate my Website?

If you are an individual in the fashion industry who wants their website to complement their international aspirations, then we would like to inform you that we also offer Website Localisation Services. In addition to translating the pages of your website, this service also entails adapting any cultural references which mitigates any possible cultural sensitivity. Our professional translators can localise your website in a way so that it resonates with the expectations of your target audience. Essentially, our Website Localisation Services will enable your company to not only market your products around the world, but to also communicate your brand’s ethos with new customers in the language that they connect with best.

Will my Private Information Remain Confidential?

As an individual in the fashion industry, we understand that you may feel uncertain about the security of your marketing methods or your brand’s individuality. However, we want our clients to feel comfortable with us and that is why we take the protection of all personal and private information very seriously. You can be rest assured that your information will remain confidential at all times because our company is registered under the Data Protection Act 2018.

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