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Fast Translation Services UK

July 2, 2020by admin

Fast Translation Services UK

Translation of 173 Pages in 24 Hours?

Fast and Same Day Translation Company in the UK

On 22/09/14 Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group was contacted by a Local Authority in London for an urgent translation of 173 pages of court orders from Polish into English. The Local Authority had spent hours on the net searching for Fast Translation Services UK but their request was not met by most other Translation Companies.

How did Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group manage to translate 173 pages in one day?

Absolute Group organised a team of 8 professional and qualified translators and 2 proofreaders in its headquarter office all of whom worked as a team round the clock. As soon as pages were being translated, our proofreaders were immediately doing their independent proofreading to ensure our usual high quality translation service was not a sacrificed by meeting tight deadline.

The Local Authority received their translations right on time the next day and this is what they had to say

We contacted 10 local translation companies in London and all refused and we were rather concerned, we were extremely pleased that Absolute accepted the job and provided a quality service at such a short notice. Mrs. A. Hodson”


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