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First Class Greek Interpreting Services in London

Do you need a Greek interpreter with excellent command of Greek and of the working languages? Do you need an interpreter who is rich with Greek culture? Absolute Interpreting and Translations can provide a total solution.

Quality Greek Interpretations Service in London

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is specialised in providing first class Greek interpreters in London. Absolute has acquired the prestigious ISO9001-2008 and full membership of the ATC. It represents our professional service and the fulfilment of our engagement with our clients.

Greek Interpreters in London

We know that each interpreting session is different and requires different set up and has different needs so we provide our clients with the interpreters who can best meet all of their needs.

We are also aware of the presence of many dialects in Greece and we will ensure that an experienced interpreter for the required dialect is booked to ensure their compliance with any cultural and linguistic needs.

We provide services in a variety of settings, including but not limited to:

  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Tourism industry
  • Conferences
  • Business media
  • Telephone interpreting
  • Web sites
  • Media

General Information about Greek Language
Greek language has a long story, the longest story among European languages. It descends from Ancient Greek and belongs to the Indo-European Family.
In the past Greek language was the international language and of course has deeply influenced European cultures and languages.
Nowadays this language still influences English because Greek prefixes and suffixes are used to coin new words.
It is spoken by 12 million of people, mainly in Greece and Cyprus but is a minority language in parts of Italy, Armenia, Ukraine, Albania and Turkey.

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