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Translation for Councils and Housing Associations

Handing Over Keys, Easing Relocation
And Settling Down

Due to increased levels of multiculturalism and language diversity throughout the United Kingdom, housing associations practices along with the methods in which their services are offered to residents have witnessed several changes in recent years. At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, we recognise how understanding the needs of your non-native English residents and buyers is the key to ensure that these individuals settle down appropriately into their new homes or offices.

For this reason, we provide high-quality and Professional Translation Services for Housing Associations at very competitive rates so that your residents and clients are able to make justified and informed decisions regarding their relocation, new residence or new office.

At Absolute, we acknowledge that the housing industry is taking a global turn due to ease of mobility as well as by the increasing demand propounded by individuals and companies who invest in properties across the globe. This is why we strive to translate an array of documents, including:

  • Tenancy Agreements
  • Property Development Documents
  • Rent Queries
  • Property Descriptions
  • Leaflets
  • Marketing and Sales Materials
  • Architecture Documents
  • And many more.

By translating such information, this will, in turn, facilitate the process of buying a property or constructing properties in a country whereby you are not familiar with the local language or procedures.

Our Qualified Translators Who Are Dedicated
To Accurately Conveying Your Core Messages

As the housing industry operates around legal agreements, providing accommodation and construction, accurate translations are imperative in order to equip both professionals as well as buyers with the necessary information so that managing such large-scale purchases are seamless. This is because any misunderstanding regarding, for example the legal agreement or payment, can lead to fatal consequences for both the resident as well as for the estate agent.

This is why we are proud to inform you that our Professional Translators place vast importance on the discipline of language as well as on the understanding of all housing and legal terminology. All of our qualified translators working with documents of this nature will not only be extremely well-versed in at least two languages, but they will also have significant expertise within the particular sector of your documents (i.e. legal, sales, construction etc.). As a result, they will ensure that your translated material will receive the same attention to detail as the original content initially did.

So, upon receipt of your documents to be translated, our dedicated project management team will assign your project the translator who is most suitable in terms of language competence, specialisation and expertise.

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We provide high-quality Housing Industry TranslationServices in Birmingham.This service is also available in London, Manchester, Essex and many other cities across the UK. If you would like to contact us, please call us at +44 (0)121 356 3229 for more information and a member of our team will gladly answer all of your questions. Alternatively, you can email us at:

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