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How Do I Become A Translator? - Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

October 1, 2021by May Alescandar

How Do I Become A Translator?

Every person has a dream job. Every Individual has an aspirational goal they want to achieve. Whether that would be the typical footballer, astronaut, or something sentimental. However, Have you ever sat back and wondered…. How Do I Become A Translator? Thousands of people from around the globe choose either Interpreting or Translating as their future career and for good reason. Translating was and still is an incredible opportunity for people to broaden their horizons to forge a path into long and successful life.

What Is A Translator?

Migrant communities with language barriers

First of all, we need to establish what exactly a translator is. This specific role to put clearly is; ‘an individual who uses their necessary language skills to convert a selected written language (Source Language) into another selected language (Target Language)’. Or also Sounds simple right?. This is the simple definition, but there is a critical factor that must be taken into consideration whilst translating. The text that is being translated undisputedly has got to be as close to the original transcript!. This has to be undertaken as is quite a common theme that can frustrate clients with their jobs as this depends on the quality of the Translator.

What Do I Need To Become A Translator?

Secondly, It is not an easy feat to become a skilled & Professional Translator. You obviously have to have a fair degree of intelligence. Most companies and agencies that currently employ Translators require a certain standard of education before the employment process can begin. Typically modern-day translators will need to possess the knowledge of a very high standard for which they have studied for a significant amount of time. A primary example is a University Course which typically can take between 1-3 years. Of course, you will already need to have excellent written skills and communication in your native language that you already speak coinciding with an immense cultural understanding so you clearly know how to behave and adapt to certain scenarios. For instance, China has very strict cultural beliefs regarding manners and rudeness.

Benefits Of The Translator Job

Thirdly, after you have become a fully trained and qualified Translator you can finally reap the sweet rewards!. To have put all this exceptional effort into your qualifications and earn vital knowledge will leave you feeling very proud of yourself. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to reaping.

  • Go on holiday anytime that suits you – who doesn’t like that?!
  • Be your own boss! – work whenever you want to! – of course, this one is obvious
  • Work for whoever you want – as a freelancer you can pick and choose whoever you want to work for
  • No age limit – you can work far beyond your retirement years if you choose to but must be 18+ years
  • Flexibility – manage your time and effort for any occasion

Looking For Work?

How Do I Become A Translator?Here at Absolute Interpreting and Translations, we are currently looking for a whole plethora of qualified and skilled Interpreters & Translators. If you think you have what it takes to join our outstanding company please visit our website.


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