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International Conference and Event Interpreting Services

Why do Business Commission International Conference and Event Interpreting Services?

International Conference and Event Interpreting ServicesBusinesses are large consumers of International Conference and Event Interpreting Services due to the fact that events and meetings are vital to their growth and expansion. International conferences and events facilitate partnerships, launch products, and breed expansion. Thus, it is critical that they take place smoothly and there is never any miscommunication. This is why clients request that the Conference Interpreters used to facilitate are all properly vetted and capable of providing their service to the highest standard. Thus, Language Service providers such as Absolute Interpreting and Translations, who vet Interpreters professionally, are typically favoured over internal HR teams, when selecting Conference Interpreters to provide International Conference and Event Interpreting Services. Given the high stakes nature of international cooperate events and meetings, clients also typically wish to be able to hold interpreters to account should something go wrong. This is something insured language service providers can promise, unlike most individual freelancers.

Are our Interpreters suitable for International Conferences and Events?

Third-Party Accreditations

We are a Professional Language Service provider with much experience in the business interpreting, having provided services for clients such as Tiffanies  and Co, BBC, CNN and United Nations AIDS Program, we understand that quality is paramount when providing International Conference and Event Interpreting Services. Thus, we strive to prove that all of our Conference Interpreters are up to scratch. Proof of our quality control and assurance include various forms of award and accreditation such as:

ISO 9001 2015 for quality control mechanisms.
• ISO 17100 2015 for quality of translation services.
Membership of the ATC
Approval of past clients

Entry Requirements

We have not received these accreditations by chance; they are a result of the strict policies we have in place to ensure that the linguists we commission are suitable for the roles they occupy. Each and every Interpreter we recruit has to be able to fulfil our 8 criteria before they are able to be fully registered.
Many of our Interpreters undergo further study and Specialist Interpreting Training Courses while working for us in the perusal of higher rates and better bookings such as International Conference an Event Interpreting sessions.

How Absolute Ensures Clients can be Compensated if Unsatisfied with Service Quality?

We are fully insured businesses, meaning that even in the unlikely event that our clients should find themselves aggrieved we are more than able to provide them with suitable compensation.
This is a benefit not always available to clients who commission freelancers directly, as freelancers may not always have suitable business insurance policies in place and above all the approval of International Quality Standard Systems such as ISO9001:2015 or ISO17100:2015 and indeed membership of the recognised bodies such as the ATC. This is especially true when commissioning International Conference and Event Interpreting Services, which can cause a lot of damage if provided poorly. However, “Prevention is Better Than Cure”, which is why absolute invests heavily in its recruitment and booking process as previously discussed.

How to Proceed with Absolute Interpreting and Translations

If you wish to book an interpreter for an international conference or event, please use the send an email to  alternatively call us at +44 (0) 121 270 6801 and pick the sales extension

If you have any other language service need, please visit our service page and simply browse to the relevant location.

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