To get the best voiceovers and to reach your target customers worldwide you need an experienced and specialist interpreting and translation company that provides high standard services on an international level and has the experience and resources to provide quality, cost effective and professional voiceovers ensuring that tone of voice and meaning of words are not lost. Absolute Interpreting and Translations provides quality and professional voiceovers in over 150 languages. Our International clients who have used our voiceovers services are public and private organisations and businesses from USA, Asia, Europe e.g. Italy, Japan, China, Korea, UK and many other countries. Absolute not only provides language services but also gives you the option to have male or female voiceover artists to meet your language needs.

Absolute employs more than 2700 qualified professional interpreters, translators and voiceovers who pride themselves in their experience, confidence and knowledge that voiceover is more than just a language service, it requires knowledge and relevant qualification and experience to ensure tone of voice and meaning of words are not lost. Absolute has provided voiceovers for its international clients in all sectors i.e. public and private sector, health service, private businesses, marketing companies, electric companies, exporters and importers and a broad spectrum of businesses.

As one of the leading translation and interpreting companies in the UK, Absolute has defined procedures to ensure the highest level of quality voiceover and translation services.  These include:

  • You will be asked whether you prefer a male or female voiceover
  • We will ask you about your target audience and customers. Accordingly, we will assign the best voiceover artists with the relevant experince and speciality for your particular project
  • We have a professional working relationship with recording studios across the country namely Robbannas and PAL IDs who have more than 20 years of experience in this industry

Whether you require audio or video voiceover, at Absolute we provide quality and professional services that will meet and exceed your expectations.

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