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Professional Interpreters & Translators in Afghanistan and Iraq

Travelling to a foreign country and ensuring effective and accurate communication with their people in their language is crucial for every soldier, journalist, presenter, tourist or visitor. With over 1000s of fully qualified and experienced professional interpreters and translators worldwide, at Absolute we provide professional native (mother tongued) speaker interpreters and translators who are not only experts in the languages spoken in Afghanistan and Iraq but also have in-depth cultural awareness of each and every tribe living in these countries. We can provide fully trained and qualified interpreters and translators in Dari, Farsi, Pushto/Pashto, Uzbeki, Urdu and all dialects of Kurdish and Arabic languages in Iraq and Afghanistan that you can trust.

As well as our country based interpreters we mainly provide professional native speaker interpreters and translators from the UK, EU countries and the USA who are fully vetted and security cleared to accompany you to the country of your choice.

So if you are in need of an interpreter in Iraq or Afghanistan or if you would like quality and cost effective language translation services in Dari, Pushto/Pashto, Uzbeki, Kurdish or Arabic, then look no further.

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