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Interpreters and Translators Recruitment Process

Interpreters and Translators Recruitment Process

Absolute is the only translation company in the UK that has rigorous monthly training, strict selection and recruitment process. It is one of the compulsory conditions of Absolute that all its interpreters and translators irrespective of their qualifications must undergo extensive and comprehensive training where their experience and expertise will be tested and verified with an emphasis on punctuality, impartiality, confidentiality and professionalism.

‘‘One of the reasons we tend to use Absolute interpreters and translators is that they are all native speakers and experienced in their subject areas’’

Safety and Security

We understand the importance and sensitive natures of all our customers working environment especially those who deal with minors, children and vulnerable people.
As an additional safety and security measure Absolute only recruits interpreters who are CRB checked and have relevant qualifications and at least 4 to 5 years of experience in their subject area. In additions to CRB check, interpreters are also photographed and provided with ID badge to wear at each assignment.

“We really like using Absolute’s services. They are prompt, accurate and very professional and friendly’’

Absolute is the only Translation agency in Birmingham West Midlands that continually trains its interpreters and translators to ensure delivery of quality translation and interpreting services to its clients

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