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Interpreting Role Play of an Unprofessional Interpreter

December 25, 2016by admin

Interpreting Role Play of an Unprofessional Interpreter

As one of the leading Translation Companies in London and a Birmingham Translation Services with offices in Manchester and Essex, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Group Ltd are pleased to bring to you one more interesting Interpreting Role Play between an unprofessional interpreter (acting interpreter) and untrained doctor who does not know how to work with interpreters.

Absolute representative discussing use of Interpreters at Police Stations

We hope you will enjoy, rate and share this Interpreting Role Play which is aimed at highlighting some common issues faced by doctor surgeries an trained and unqualified interpreters which in other words are not interpreters but bilinguals.

While enjoying The London Translation Company title by many of our clients who have reviewed our services, we continue to provide world-class certified translation services and face to face interpreting services to our national and international clients worldwide. In this video, you will also notice that unless there is a clear understanding and agreement on the ground rules between an interpreter and a service user (not end-user) such errors and mistakes are expected which sometimes could be catastrophic to an assessment.

Training on How to Work With Interpreters effectively?

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