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ISO Accredited Translation Services UK

ISO Accredited Translation Services UK

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is proud to announce that the most recent ISO 9001:2008 control audit for 2014 has finished with success. Once again we met all the requirements set forth by the institution. The ISO officials, after examining our company in every way, without any hesitation decided to extend the ISO accreditation. Moreover, this year’s audit ended with even better result! This credit goes to all our group of companies i.e. London Translation Company, Birmingham Translation Agency, Essex Translations as well as Manchester Translation Services.

ISO Accredited Translation Services UK

We work really hard to meet all the requirements and expectations of many of our clients, who are private customers as well as institutions and companies. We constantly follow the changes on the interpreting and translation market, adjusting our services to your needs. We are indescribably happy and proud that our professionalism, high quality, precision and experience have paid off one more time.


A spokesperson from Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd said “that fact that we have been continuing to meet and exceed the specific and precise ISO9001:2008 requirements can only prove that Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is a leading translation and interpreting services provider across the UK. As a professional Company, we value and take care of our clients, ensuring the highest quality, promptness and complete client satisfaction.

Certified Translations Birmingham
Certified Translations Birmingham

To this end, we work with the best and utmost experienced interpreters and translators who are members of many international linguistic institutions. The majority of our interpreters and translators having been  trained by the most respected universities all around the world, which give them all the necessary qualifications needed to work with such delicate and responsible matter as interpreting and translations.


Although the ISO9001:2008 officials did not point out any irregularities and fields that have to be improved, we do operate a Continual Improvement Policy and Procedures in our line of business as we  believe that nothing is ever too good. At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd we strive for 100%  to continuously improve our interpreting and translation services as well as Booking and Management Systems.  Our friendly and helpful Booking Team is always here to find  you the most suitable and professional interpreters and translators.

We would like to thank all of our clients, because we would not have achieved this reputable accreditations without having to provide them with our professional services.. Especially, we would like to thank those clients who provided us with their suggestions and ideas of how can we improve our services. We appreciate constructive criticism, since there is no better point of view as that of the clients. We are aware that the translation market and as a result customer expectations are constantly changing. To keep the position of the leading translation Company, we have to rely on your opinions.

Thank you again!

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

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