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Language Barriers - Why is Loneliness in Migrant Communities due to Language Barriers a problem

June 23, 2021by Rebecca Laver

The number 1 struggle for migrants is loneliness in migrant communities. These are due to language barriers without the help of interpreters or translators. Language is a huge part of a human’s natural drive. People need and want to have the ability to communicate with others on a daily basis. The fear of language barriers affects migrant communities being able to complete essential tasks and requirements they need to get the bare minimum in our global society. This is why interpreters and translators can help them understand vital requirements for housing and council associations.  

Why should you tackle the fear of language barriers in migrant communities?

For some migrant communities, struggling with communication due to language barriers is very common. Being said to be one of the top reasoning’s as to why they are feeling lonely and isolated. A language barrier simply is when two people do not have the same native language and interactions are difficult with each other because of this. Not being able to communicate successfully with another person can be a very frustrating situation.

Unable to communicate, frustrated reaction due to language barrierSuccessful communication is much more than a want; it’s a need in day-to-day life.

There are a variety of difficulties migrants may face when there is a language barrier. Some simple tasks for a native speaker can become very tedious and frustrating for non-native speakers. There is no easy way to avoid these barriers when you don’t have access to the required skills needed to communicate. The struggle of not being able to explain specific ideas or thoughts can be very lonely and this is where we are seeing migrant communities falling into the most. Not being given the right skills and knowledge to successfully communicate with someone who speaks a different language is one of the main struggles. A few words won’t be enough for them to convey exactly what they are trying to say.

Communication is vital when tackling the fear of language barriers in migrant communities.

Communication is a fundamental way of life, it is so natural to people that we forget how this can be a challenge to anyone who doesn’t speak the same language. This is where we need to remember that some people aren’t able to understand the same language due to it not being their native tongue. The thought of not being able to simply communicate your thoughts to someone else is hard to imagine and would be very frustrating. This is how migrant communities who suffer from this language barrier feel.

What are some Challenges Language barriers cause?

Starting a new life in another country is challenging enough without even thinking about how you are going to be able to communicate effectively with others. If you haven’t gone and got help with translations or interpreting, not being able to interact with people can be a very lonely existence. It may even stop someone from wanting to even try and communicate with anyone to save themselves from embarrassment. This is a big issue that needs to be address and where interpreting and translating jobs are created to help these communities.

Some migrant families struggle with their children’s schooling and being able to interact with teaching systems due to this language barrier. This makes it hard for these families to support their children through some of the most important years of their lives. This could end up leaving them feeling isolated from others. While not being able to help their child, this could lead to a lack of engagement, which can have an effect on the child’s development and even wellbeing. Interpreting and translating companies like Absolute Interpreting and Translations, offer multiple different services for communities like these. We offer Translation services for sectors like Legal aid and Medical care, so everyone can get the same opportunities.


How can interpreters and translators break these fears?

With the help of interpreters and translators, migrants who struggle with language barriers can feel at ease. The job of the interpreter or translator is to help them understand different topics in their language. This will allow them to communicate important topics of information where they might struggle to. Being able to use a translator or interpreter can help a migrant’s life drastically. Not only will it give them the chance to have this required communication with another person, but it will also help them succeed in day-to-day life. Avoiding the feeling of being ashamed for not understanding, interpreters and translators are there to put these people at ease and tear down these barriers.

Fear of language barriers can be detrimental to someone’s lively hood and should be understood as best as possible. Educating yourself in other languages is a good way to help these migrant communities that might not have the same resources that you do. Hiring an interpreter or translator can help a business or person deal with these language barriers on a daily basis.

Can I use a family member to interpret for me?

There might be a thought that you would not need a translator or interpreter because you can use a family member to help you through instead. While using a family member to translate and interpret for you can have some benefits. Meaning they have a familiar face leading you to become more comfortable with them and overall it can save time and money. There are a lot more benefits I hiring a professional qualified translator or interpreter.

If you struggle with this language barrier, then Absolute Interpreting and Translations is the perfect company for you, offering professional and quality services for all your language needs. While having translators and interpreters who cover a large variety of languages, you don’t have to worry about not being able to communicate with anyone again!



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