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Interpreting is a complex task. It requires confidence, experience, qualification, integrity and commitment to confidentiality and impartiality. It is equally important that that the interpreter uses the right word instantly and without any delay and uses the same gesture and body language to ensure the interpretation sounds natural.

  • Have the right qualifications and extensive experience
  • Be specialised in their subject area
  • Know and respect cultural differences and use the correct words accordingly.
  • Be impartial, professional, concise and to the point

Dari Language Interpreting & Translation

Dari Telephone Interpreting Made Easier Our quality and competitive Telephone Interpreting is one of the quickest and in some cases the most cost effective method of using an interpreter, this is especially useful and cost effective in emergency situations and also for initial appointments or shorter interpreting sessions where an officer, interviewer, police or solicitor may only ask few simple questions from their clients and arrange follow up appointments.

Unlike many other interpreting and translation companies with Absolute Interpreting and Translations there is no setup fee, subscription fee or hidden costs, you will only pay for the actual duration you speak to an interpreter and you will only be charged by the seconds. Many of our clients from public and private sector organisations NHS, Councils, Police, Social Services, Solicitors, Housing Associations and Immigration Centres use our quality telephone interpreting services on regular basis.

No matter which language you choose at Absolute we connect you with our fully qualified Dari interpreters in matter of seconds. If you do not prefer to have an interpreter straight away, we can also book telephone interpreters at a time convenient for you and connect you with the interpreter when you are ready.

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