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Legal interpreting

Legal interpreting

Apart from supplying any kind of interpreting services, Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd can also provide Legal Interpreting services. We live in a multicultural society and interpreting services for legal purposes are more and more frequently requested. Our interpreters are specialised in many legal fields and they are part of a large database of professionals covering more than 200 languages. Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is an established company across the United Kingdom, so our interpreters will be able to reach you from everywhere in the country, reducing travelling costs.


Qualified interpreters for high quality services

The interpreter’s job in the legal field requires professionals to:

  • report exactly what is said, without adding or deleting details;
  • have perfect knowledge of the domestic legal system to avoid misunderstandings;
  • match the experience needed for the case (e.g. court interpreter).

Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd is aware of the utmost importance these details have in providing high quality interpreting services as well as qualified interpreters.

Wide range of legal interpreting services

If your law firm is in negotiation with a foreign one and their lawyer are sent over to attend the negotiation process, you will need legal interpreting services to help you avoid misunderstandings. It will also help the negotiation proceed smoothly. Furthermore, as the content of meetings could be confidential, we will make sure that the same interpreter attends all of them. The topic of your meetings might as well be technical, but we can guarantee for our interpreters’ experience in legalese.

Absolute Interpreting & Translation Ltd can provide a wide range of legal interpreting services:

  • mediation;
  • arbitration;
  • court hearings;
  • tribunals;
  • litigation;
  • interviews;
  • general legal advice.

For each one of the previous services, a professional will be sent to you to supply an excellent interpreting session.

Would you like to know more?

Then call us or email us, all details are here on our website. Shortly after your enquiry, we will find an interpreter for you, as local as possible to the place you need him/her to go to. Quality services, provided even at short notice, are what we will return to you.

Do you speak legalese?

It is the language used by judges and lawyers. It has at first been used in 1914 to designate what is intended to be the difficult and abstruse language related to legal matters. Laymen can not possibly understand it as it is composed by complex vocabulary, long sentences and it is usually redundant. Nevertheless, given the precision needed in legal matters, it is no wonder that it has became more difficult a language than everyday English.

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