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Game and Software Translations

Translation and localisation for translating software

A complete translation and localisation for translating software and PC and arcade based video games

Video games are increasingly becoming an after work amusement for youth and children worldwide. To be able to sell your video games and software in foreign countries you need a reputable and specialist translation and localisation company to translate and localise your video games and software ensuring complete cultural adaptation and 100 % accuracy, then look no further.

Absolute?s wealth of experience in translation and localisation industry will enable your international customers to play your games and use your software seamlessly in their own language. As our name implies, at Absolute we provide absolute translations and give you peace of mind guiding and advising you at all stages of your project, ensuring a quality and successful delivery of your software and video game localisation.

Why is Localisation Important?

Video Game and software localisation is the process of translating video game and software user interfaces from one language into another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture.

So if your aim is to sell your games and software in the international market then localising your video game and software is essential.

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