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London Translation Services

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd are providing certified London Translation services to organisations and all individuals in the public sector. Our company has an impressive array of over 300 languages in which we cover. Subsequently, we are also able to distribute same-day services at an affordable rate.

What Sectors are our London Translation
Services able to cover?

Our London Translation Services take pride in the diverse array of avenues that our linguists are able to complete dexterously.

Our London Translators are equipped with vast knowledge and have occupied diverse experience in all aspects of translation. There isn’t anything that our professional linguists cannot be assigned to translate.

Some of the sectors that we regularly delve into, but are not limited to are:London Translation Services

Being assiduously educated in these fields extends creative thinking, allowing an ever-growing development of brilliant perceptions. These creative perceptions are of second nature to our perspicacious linguists. Thus, our linguists are continually exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Why Choose Our
London Translation Services?

The linguists that provide our London Translation Services have a sagacious apprehension of language. This comprehension goes far beyond sole direct translation.

Correspondingly, our linguists have been indoctrinated to understand the importance of localising a language. Linguists localise sources to make them eligible to the customs that have been embedded in culture and language. They have meticulously comprehended the complex aspects of language that only certified linguists are able to distinguish and understand. Some of these intricate aspects indulge in being able to translate narratives accordingly accurate to the original source.

Likewise, our linguists are able to translate such indentures without losing the inherent value and impact that the initial text had. To give an example, our London Translation Services commission linguists that are specialised in Marketing and Advertising. Our linguists must have a deep understanding of the metaphors, idioms, and convoluted phrases that are spoken in a language. Subsequently, they would then need to localise these sentences into an agenda that is most suitable to the customs of the targeted community.

Furthermore, our London Translation Services also have an occupation of people who are distinctively familiar with an extensive array of refined medical terms. Comparatively, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd indomitably believe that everyone deserves the fundamental right to proper medical attention, accredited by our PIF certification.

Therefore, in order to support patients in need of medical translators, we ensure that our medical linguists are up to par with the laws and regulations of the medical world. As well as that, our medical translators have had years of experience providing services in this sector.  Although they are already qualified, our linguists are continually expanding their knowledge in a multitude of avenues. Subsequently, they are continually striving to uphold the pinnacle standards that we have set.

What Certifications Has
Our Company Obtained?

Over the past two decades, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd have obtained a monumental amount of prestigious awards and certificates. Likewise, these awards validate our company as a reputable brand.

In addition, our certified linguists have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This ensures that, by law, all of our client’s information will evermore remain confidential. Furthermore, we have accredited three ISO certifications.

The ISO certifications that we hold are:

London Translation Services

  1. ISO 27001 verifies that we also endorse secure management of information security. As well as that, we are continually improving on this endeavour.
  2. Our ISO 17100 certificate secures the sentiment that we have met the international standard that Translation services aim to meet. This certificate endorses that our organisation provides only the most Certified Ukrainian Translators.  We ensure to meet all other applicable specifications from our clients.

3. Finally, we have our ISO 9001, which certifies that our management is proficiently qualified. We can guarantee that all of our Ukrainian Translators are delivering their contractual needs above and beyond your expectation.

Our EUATC Certifications

Additionally, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd is a proud member of the European Union Association of Translation Companies. Being a member of the EUATC corroborates that the linguists at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd are contrivance. Above all, our linguists are harnessing all previous experience and knowledge. As follows, our translators are allocating only the best work for our clients.

Some of the criteria that a Translating company must have to be qualified as a member of the EUATC are:

London Translation Services

  • Ensuring that the translating company is producing only exemplary standards of occupation. Moreover, they are continually upholding said standards among other nation member associations.
  • Contributing engaging ideas to further expand the European market for certified language services.
  • Make certain that our translators are administering quality advice to our clients. Our linguists regard the benefits of enlisting recognisable Language service providers and the importance of localisation and branching out content.

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After many years of galvanised ventures, we at Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd have prominently upheld reputable London Translation Services. We have been recognised and accredited by our long-term relationship with the NHS, charities, and numerous organisations across London and the UK. Not to mention, we even provide London Interpreting Services. Contact us today for same-day translation services at an affordable price.

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