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Medical Interpreting Services

Medical Interpreting Services

Medical Interpreting Services

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd we provide Medical Interpreting Services into 315 languages and we know how important it is for our clients to get a precise and accurate medical translation or interpreting service, especially in medical or healthcare situations. In this particular field, the speech pattern is very specific and detailed and for this reason is easy to misinterpret if you are not fluent in the source language. This is why the need to use an interpreter: the two parts involved (the healthcare staff and the patient) want to be sure that nothing will affect the aim and the result of the appointment and patient care. The use of interpreters in the medical area is increasing every day because with the globalisation many people move to different countries and start to live their normal life in a different environment with a different language.


In general, interpreters have to cross the language barrier between people who do not speak the same language, but when it comes to a medical interpreting environment like a GP or surgery consultation, a dentist or clinic appointment, interpreters have to deal with much more than the language aspect. In fact, interpreters have to know the medical jargon and terminologies that are used in that particular field and have to be qualified and experienced in medical translations to deliver a precise message to the end user without altering the original content.

Moreover, our medical interpreters are able to fully identify in the culture and traditions of the client and so they are able to process the message to make it more comprehensible using the correct cultural expressions associated with the target language. However, we ensure that our medical interpreting and translation services are delivered with the absolute confidentiality, security and precision required.


During a medical appointment or a visit at the dentist, interpreters are the best choice to deliver the message in another language because, unlike family members and bilingual healthcare staff, they have the right qualifications required for this type of service. The most common qualifications required to a medical interpreter are the DPSI, a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting and other general qualifications in the health sector, as well as being registered in the National Register of Public Service Interpreters (NRPSI).These qualifications are a tangible evidence of the invaluable experience and expertise of our interpreters that offer face to face and telephone interpreting services in more than 315 languages all over the United Kingdom.

We work for many businesses from the public sector, amongst which also the NHS (National Health Service), councils, housing association, but also private clients for translation and interpreting services. Don’t take our words for it: you can always check the reviews from our satisfied clients.
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