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Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd Monthly News Update

Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd Monthly News Update

03-July-2009-Absolute Interpreting and Translations holds its 33rd Interpreters and Translators Training Course

As one of the biggest Equal Opportunity Employers of Language Interpreters, Translators, Transcribers and Voice-overs in the Midlands, Absolute graduates 95 professional and qualified linguists from across the UK.

On 20th June 09 Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd held its 33rd training courses in Birmingham West Midlands. The seminar was attended by over 95 professional linguists from across the UK from different nationalities i.e. Czech/Slovak, Russian, Bengali, Gujarati, Spanish, French, Polish, Punjabi, Vietnamese etc. Absolute’s clients from Local Authorities, NHS, Hospitals, Solicitors and other Public and Private Organisations were also invited to witness and interact with interpreters and translators in real time

21-March-2009-Absolute Interpreting and Translations holds its 30th Interpreters and Translators Training Course.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is proud to announce that on 21/03/09 in our 30th Interpreters and Translators monthly Training and Induction Course we graduated 86 professional and fully trained interpreters and translators. Absolute’s commitment to quality and professionalism was praised by Local Authorities and Public and private organisations who were also invited at the interpreters graduation ceremony.

10-Feb-2009-Absolute Interpreting and Translations announces 110% increase in its 2007/2008 growth.
Mr. Emal Haidari the MD of Absolute said, ?Despite the effects of the current credit crunch on the public and private organisations that are using interpreting and translation services we are proud to announce that our commitment to delivering the highest level of quality interpreting, translation, transcription and voice over services in over 150 languages at a competitive price and the fact that Absolute is the only company in the UK that provides ongoing monthly training courses its interpreters we have achieved a 110% increase in our growth than the previous year.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations launches its own dedicated Video Channel on Youtube

Absolute now owns its own dedicated channel on youtube where you can watch our latest video clips from our conferences, training courses and other translation,interpreting and language communication related events. Click here to view our latest events and conferences Absolute Interpreting and Translations Video Channel.

03-Jan-2009-Qualified Interpreters and Translators Training Course
Absolute held its 25th biggest Interpreters & Translators Training Course on 20th Dec 08 and graduated 155 professional interpreters & translators from across the UK making our total number of professional linguists over 3500 who are now providing a high quality and professional services to our clients in the public and private sector UK wide. Our clients from NHS, Courts, Tribunals Service, Police, Councils, Social Services, Schools, Solicitors and Charities across the UK were invited to witness our rigorous and ongoing training courses.

Emal Haidari the Managing Director of Absolute Interpreting & Translations said, “As a Company committed to providing the highest level of quality and professional interpreting and translation services we have said ‘NO’ to the current financial crisis and are continuing to invest in providing ongoing monthly training courses to our interpreters & translators to ensure delivery of a high level of professional services to our clients. Absolute’s rigorous and ongoing training courses were praised by its clients i.e. NHS, Local Authorities and other public and private sector organisations.

28th August 2008- Public Service Interpreters and Translators Training Course

Absolute is pleased to announce that on 9th August 08 we graduated 65 more Interpreters and translators who are now actively providing professional and quality interpreting and translation services to our clients across the UK including, Birmingham, Coventry, Walsall, Dudley, London, Leicester, Worcester, Northampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, Bristol, Derby, Northampton, Redditch, Nottingham and many other cities in the UK.

11th April 2008- Graduation of qualified interpreters

Absolute is proud to announce that it is the only West Midland based translation and interpreting company to continually train and graduate Interpreters for  the public service.

As part of its continual commitment to improving the provision of  Public Service Interpreting and Translations and providing the best service to its clients in the National Health Service, Local Authorities e.g. Councils, Social Services, Asylum Centres and in the Legal Profession and various other private and government organisations e.g. Courts, Police, Solicitors & Schools, on 11th April 08 Absolute graduated 30 more interpreters who are now providing quality and professional services.

The guests who attended the training session held at Church Road Community Centre, Birmingham, witnessed Emal Haidari, the founder and Managing Director of one of the leading interpreting and translation companies, Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd, providing rigorous and comprehensive training to interpreters and Translators.

Emal has successfully combined his 12 years professional experience as a qualified interpreter and translator with the United Nations and as the manager of a major interpreting and translation company in the UK and has successfully trained over 350 interpreters who are now providing professional services to Absolute?s clients in the public and private sector.

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