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Absolute Interpreting and Translations is: NHS Award Finalist for Innovation

June 9, 2022by Samantha Perren

Finalist for innovation

We are very excited to be a finalist for the NHS in the Midlands award for Innovation Excellence! This recognises how our innovations support the NHS by making our language services as efficient as possible.

Technologies crafted specifically for the NHS

The two main technologies at the forefront of our NHS service that have made us a finalist for innovation are Absolute Patient Liaison Solution (APLS™) and Patient Appointment Solution (PAS™). These technologies are designed to put patients not fluent in English in control of their contact with medical professionals.

Innovations that directly benefit patients

The challenge this technology overcomes is patients who aren’t fluent English speakers not being able to communicate with healthcare professionals as easily as native speakers. We are doing all we can to solve this, because we believe that language should not and need not be a barrier to accessing healthcare.

These technologies also benefit patients by making our services more efficient, so saving the NHS money that can be spent on other priorities. Use of APLS™ and PAS™ guarantees 10-15% savings on language services.

Absolute CEO Talking about Importance of Patient Experience at NHS Excellence In Suply Award
Absolute Staff at NHS Supplier Award 2022
Absolute CEO talking to NHS Procurement Team at NHS Award 2022

About us: an industry-leading service

Absolute Interpreting and Translations is an industry leader in interpreting and translation with over 20 years of experience. We deliver high-quality service to a wide range of clients across the UK, including NHS, Local Authorities, Central Government and many more.

By employing more than 21,000 linguists, we can meet each and every language need locally. Through our innovative management system and dedicated staff, we constantly maintain world-class standards, meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations every time.

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