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The Preferred NHS Interpreting and Translation Provider - Video Training

October 1, 2021by May Alescandar

Free Direct Support Training For NHS CCG In Wolverhampton

The NHS is regarded as the United Kingdom’s jewel in the crown. They are regarded as the symbol of national pride for the entire nation.  To be a part of this inspirational institution, individuals require a certain amount of training. NHS CCG Employees use direct support training for their employment, with contributing factors such as improving quality care. This can then also ensure a smooth, seamless, and instant service for patients. It is no secret that due to the current predicament of the pandemic individuals are now trained on certain applications which eliminate the need for meeting face to face interpreting. Sometimes a reminder of how to use certain software inflicts a positive impact on NHS CCG employees as they can be reminded on how certain inputs affect an application.

Doctor with face mask against covid19 discussing with nurse in hospital waiting area. Disabled senior woman in a wheelchair waiting for examination. Assistant working on reception computer.

Direct Support Training Details

Firstly, the training that is being undertaken by Absolute Interpreting & Translations Ltd for NHS CCG  will be based on 3 specific subjects to assist Wolverhampton GP’s and their staff. It is imperative to remember the importance of this crucial training which ensures the well-being of carers and patients within GP’s. In turn, GP’s across Wolverhampton will benefit substantially due to the fact that their reliable dependable service will be greatly enhanced, furthermore increasing communication between GP’s to assure a smoother and quicker schedule of appointments. Additionally, this will lead to efficient and continual cost-cutting savings.

The Training Provided

Tutorial On use our On-demand Telephone/Video Remote Interpreting

How to add third parties (patients) on the call)

How to use Absolute’s Patient Appointment Solution (PAS™), make ongoing savings, and improve patient satisfaction level.

Secondly, this in-depth training for their spectacular staff & workers, specifically the support training for NHS CCG, is designed to act as a refresher course for local GP’S which will greatly benefit them as they could potentially be uncertain with certain applications and methods and how they operate.

Absolute Interpreting and Translations very own passionate Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) Emal Haidari, who himself is a skilled, trained, and fully qualified professional interpreter with over 20+  will be conducting the Remote Video Interpreting for local GP’S within Wolverhampton for their direct support training relating to NHS CCG.

The training will be taking place on these specific dates:

  • Thursday 16th September 2021
  • Friday 17th September 2021

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