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Opportunities During A Crisis: Become A Remote Interpreter - Absolute Interpreting and Translations Ltd

July 2, 2020by Mariah Hussain

Struggling to find work? Need to support yourself and your family? Interested in Becoming
a Remote Interpreter?

At Absolute, it upsets us greatly that talented interpreters are unable to make a living due to cancelled bookings, self-isolation and lockdowns. We want to support all of our interpreters so we have thought of a novel alternative that can get you back on track. Essentially, we can train you to become qualified ghost interpreters. So, what does this entail you may ask? Many of you may already be familiar with Remote Interpreting Services, but for those of you who aren’t, it encompasses the provision of Telephone Interpreting Services as well as Video Link Interpreting Services. Even if Face-to-Face Interpreting is your forte, we are certain that we can find a remote role that adheres to your interests and personal capabilities. At Absolute, we provide an intensive training course in order to ensure that you feel prepared and confident to interpret remotely. This will not only enable you to continue working from the comfort of your own home, but it will also protect you from potential exposure to Coronavirus. It is imperative to us that our interpreters stay safe, yet are also able to continue doing the job that they love so much.

How Can You Benefit From
Becoming A Remote Interpreter?

At first glance, the outbreak of COVID-19 may appear to be disastrous for your employment, however, at Absolute, we always look out for our interpreters and we want to ensure that your wellbeing is safeguarded even during precarious times. There are many additional benefits to being a Remote Interpreter other than reducing the risk of being infected by the Coronavirus.

Working from home immediately makes your schedule more flexible
Since you are not required to travel to each of your bookings, you will save a significant amount of time. This can, subsequently, give you the opportunity to increase your levels of productivity as you can utilise your spare time by contributing to extra bookings.
Better access to the interpreting profession for those with physical difficulties
At Absolute, we do not discriminate, rather we encourage interpreters of all backgrounds to work with us. Regardless of the reason for why your mobility may be restricted, you can work with us as a Remote Interpreter and together, we can respond to the growing demand of interpreting requests during this global pandemic.

Absolute is a dynamic and versatile company and we want to give our clients, who may be self-isolated or in lockdown, facilitated access to our Professional Telephone and Video Interpreters. But we also value our interpreters and their employment stability, which is why we encourage you to become a Remote Interpreter with us so we can provide you with every opportunity to work. Essentially, by contributing to our Telephone and Video Interpreting Services, you will gain enough momentum to thrive during this difficult period.

So, protect yourself, your family and help those who desperately need your skills by becoming a Qualified Remote Interpreter. Your role as an interpreter is just as important now as it was before the outbreak of this distressing global pandemic.

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