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Absolute Interpreting and Translations are the leading Pashto Interpreting and Translation Company based in London with offices in Birmingham serving public and private sector as well as international organisations. Our Pashto interpreters are so experts that we get requests to send our interpreters to international conferences in Afghanistan and as well as for high level conferences across Europe.

In simple words, we are the experts for providing approved and fully trained Pashto (Pushto) interpreters anywhere in the UK including in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Specialist Pashto Interpreters UK

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In summary, our Pashto interpreting and translation service the first choice in the industry and yet affordable but not cheap. Our team of specialist Pushto interpreters and translators have invaluable experience in their fields and are fully trained in all types of interpreting scenarios including but not limited to:

  • Court Interpreting (Court Interpreters)
  • Interpreting for Police (Prison Visits)
  • Medical Interpretation (Medical Interpreters
  • Legal Interpreting (Court Approved Interpreters)
  • Public Service Interpreting
  • Conference Interpreting (Conference Interpreters)
  • Commercial Interpretation and Translation
  • PACE Compliance Interpreting

Approved Pashto (Pushto) Interpreters UK

As a company run by professional and qualified interpreters and translators we only employ specialist Pashto interpreters with proven track record to maintain the high standard of our quality interpretation and translation services as well as our reputation in the industry.

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