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Need qualified simultaneous or consecutive Pashto conference interpreters in London- UK or other European Countries?
With a large network of experienced and fully qualified and trained simultaneous, consecutive conference and face to face Pashto interpreters for courts, international and official conferences across the UK and Europe we can provide the most cost effective Pashto interpreting and translation services you can rely on.

When booking a Pashto/Pushto interpreter or if you need Pashto/Pushto translation service it is important to know where your target audience come from e.g. whether they come from Afghanistan or Pakistan. Although our qualified Pushto interpreters and translators can read, write and speak Pushto from both countries but to ensure a high quality service it is important to explain this to our booking team at the time of your enquiry so we book the right interpreter/translator from the relevant country. Following information can help you determine your language of choice.

Pashto (Naskh: ????? – IPA: [pa?’to]; alternative spelling: Pakhto, Pushto, Pukhto, Pashtu, or Pushtu), also known as Afghani,[4][5] is an Indo-European language spoken primarily in Afghanistan and north western Pakistan.[6] Pashto belongs to the Aryan (Indo-Iranian) language family.[7] There are between 38 to 42 million Pashto speakers, worldwide.[2] As defined in the Constitution of Afghanistan, Pashto is a national and official language of Afghanistan..

As a consequence of life in areas of rugged terrain, there are many accents or dialects of Pashto language. The two main dialects are soft or southern dialect and hard or northern dialect. Paktika is roughly the dividing line.

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