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Remote Video Interpreting Services

What Does Remote Video Interpreting Actually Entail?

To put it simply, Remote Video Interpreting (RVI) is a service that utilises video- or telecommunication technology, such as webcams, to provide spoken language interpreting services. For such a service to run smoothly, there is usually videoconferencing equipment at the location of the client as well as at the location of the Qualified Remote Video Interpreter. This, in turn, enables the interpreter to provide their essential skills and services even at a distance.

Why Is Remote Video Interpreting Crucial?

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations, we deem Remote Video Interpreting Services to be a great and effective alternative during times when Face-to-Face Interpreting is simply not feasible. Possible scenarios when RVI can be employed are:

  • During a global pandemic (e.g. COVID-19)
  • Emergency medical appointments
  • International business meetings
  • Unplanned or emergency police reports
  • Court proceedings


Do You Provide Remote Video Interpreting Services?

Our services are catered towards the requirements and demands of our clients. We want to enhance the accessibility of our professional interpreters to our trusted clients, such as the NHS, Police and various Local Authorities, which is why we offer remote services. At Absolute, we understand that the NHS, for example, will require our interpreters for emergency medical appointments. Our instant and scheduled Remote Language Services currently include:

Telephone InterpretingVideo Interpreting

At Absolute Interpreting and Translations, we are dedicated at providing affordable Remote Video Interpreting Services without compromising on quality. We achieve this by carefully selecting our interpreters according to the needs of the client and the situation. This ensures that the best suited Remote Video Interpreter has been assigned to fulfil all of your specific requirements.

How Qualified Are Your Interpreters?

All of our Remote Video Interpreters are DBS checked. Additionally, prior to working with us, all interpreters must successfully complete an intensive training course with us. We do this to ensure that they are well equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver a high-quality service, even over the telephone or via a video call. They understand that all that is uttered during an interpreting session, even if inappropriate or explicit, must be interpreted. They do this because our Professional Remote Video Interpreters understand that any missing piece of information during, for example, a medical appointment or police report, can prove to be fatal.
Furthermore, we understand that legal, medical or business matters, for instance, can be complex, which is why all of our Qualified Remote Video Interpreters have specialisations in particular fields. In order to commence work, it is mandatory for our interpreters to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), vowing to keep all information discussed during a session as confidential. For the reasons outlined, we are proud to say that all of our Remote Video Interpreters are impartial and professional, meaning that you can be confident that they will deliver precise messages without any judgement.

Book Your Qualified Remote Video Interpreter

We provide high-quality Remote Video Interpreting Services in Birmingham without compromising on quality. This service is also available in London, Manchester, Essex and many other cities across the UK. If you would like to contact us, please call us at +44 (0)121 356 3229 for more information and a member of our team will gladly answer all of your questions. Alternatively, you can email us at:

Book Your Qualified Translator

However, if Remote Video Interpreting is not the service that you are looking for, then we would like to inform you that we also provide high-quality Translation Services in Birmingham, London, Manchester and in many other cities across the UK.

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